Episode 10: the Sweetness of Sassy Savannah, Georgia

After two trips to Savannah, it’s official I am a big fan. This probably isn’t a surprise, I enjoy most destinations as I believe all places hold charm.  But there is certainly special about this southern city of Savannah

It’s hard to place it on one thing. Is it the cuisine, the charming cobblestone streets or architecture and its famous squares, the river, the to-go cups, the Spanish moss in the trees, the haunted tales, the history, or the southern hospitality? No, it’s not one thing, but rather the combination of everything you experience in the city that makes is so special. Yes, that’s its sweetness.

the Savannah Cemeterry.

open the gates to Savannah, welcome.

the Sweetness of Savannah

Sure, Savannah has some of the best sweet tea, but its sweetness is more than a drink or a dessert, it is something that the city gives you. In this episode, I will detail my experience and showcase this very sweetness. I’ll interview B&B owners, the local tourism board, and also a local ice cream (and Hollywood film) producer. I’ll give you advice on the best things to do in Savannah, the Staying Adventurous Mindset Moment, three essential travel tips, and where to watch the sunset.

In summary, my time Savannah confirmed on important thing, I’ll be back. Listen in to find out why.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Staying Adventurous Mindset Moment:

Walk the City. Savannah is a great city to walk, sure it offer’s to-go cups (you can walk the city with an alcoholic beverage), but its the architecture, the trees, the squares and perhaps even the ghosts that make it a memorable walk. It reminds us, walking cities or neighborhoods is one of the best ways to see a city.

Podcast Show Notes:

Sunset in Savannah, Georgia
Green Palm Inn – Bed & Breakfast
Leopolds Ice Cream
the Grey Restaurant
The Zeigler House

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