Sunset Sunday-The Sunset from Clearwater Harbor and Marina, Florida

Last year I attended the Super Boat National Championship in Clearwater, Florida. My excitement to experience the speedboat scene equaled my excitement to visit one of America’s best beaches to capture its famous sunset.

On my first night in town we attended the Superboat VIP party in downtown Clearwater and although I did enjoy the cocktails with the chance to view many of the impressive super boats, I knew I would not catch a sunset on Clearwater Beach that evening. Disappointed at first, the sunset from the harbor and marina that evening reminded me how beautiful a sunset can be from anywhere.

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The view from under the intracoastal in Clearwater, Fl

As the sun began its descent, I watched sky turn colors along the intracoastal and then snapped this image of the Clearwater Harbor and Marina under the Clearwater Memorial Causeway Bridge.  It turned out to be a lovely sunset and don’t worry I explored Florida’s award winning Clearwater Beach the following day.

Happy Sunset Sunday.

Unexpected Magic at Sunset

The image was selected for the 2016 Sunset Calendar.

I never expected the sunset from the intracoastal to be so magical and memorable compared with the one I expected to see from the award winning Clearwater beach.But as it turned out, this was the best and most memorable on my trip to Clearwater. To learn more about Clearwater, Florida, make sure you listen to my Staying Adventurous – the Speed, Sugar Sand, and Sunsets of Clearwater.

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Stay adventurous, Craig

Special thanks to the City of Clearwater, Fl for the invitation to attend Super Boat National Championship and good luck hosting Bright House Clearwater Super Boat National Championship & Seafood Festival again this year on September 26-28th.

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