Chasing Cenotes in the Yucatan – Staying Adventurous Ep 67

Cenote swims offer a refreshing break from the heat and humidity found the jungles of the Yucatan. The cool refreshing waters provides for a perfect escape. They also offer a chance to penetrate the magical and mystical Mayan world. Each cenote is different, no swim the same in the 6,000+ found on the peninsula. And on my last adventure to the Yucatan, we visited the state of Yucatán famous for Chichen Itza, but I spent most of my time this visit chasing cenotes.

ladder and light inside a mayan cenote in the yucatan of mexico

Visiting the same destination again never needs to mean you take on the same activities and places. Many destinations offer many types of adventures and this trip to the Yucatan was much different than my prior adventure Staying Adventurous subscribers will know form episode 2. This time is was all about the cenotes. Listen in, enjoy a journey filled with plenty of travel tips on another Yucatan adventure.


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centoe swimming at destino mio in the yucatan of Mexico

swimming in a cenote

Yucatan Travelers & Interviewees

  • Gullierom de Anada, archaeologist dedicated to research on Maya civilization. Specialties include the study of caves and cenotes in the Yucatan and a  Nat Geo Explorer
  • Jonathan Soroff, a columnist for Boston Magazine and travel writer.  Follow him  on Instagram @jonsoroff/

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mezcal craft cocktail nectar merida yucatan mexico

a craft mezcal cocktail at at the counter to watch the new yucateca cuisine be prepared

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