Ways to Stay Traveling in Covid-19; Staying Adventurous ep42

The world is essentially at home, leisure travel has all but ceased during this declared pandemic. For many it has produced hardships with loss of loved ones, loss of jobs or even loss of ways of life. For us travelers, it is also hard to not do what we love, not to mention the concerns about what travel may look like when we can return to friendlier skies.


sunset in the florida keys duringcovid-19 pandemic

The beauty of the sunset is universal and something we can share everyday around the world

Well, it also has led to being creative, there is more to do than just stay home, stay safe and stay well – we can stay adventurous too.  And yes, we can also stay traveling too.  How, well, that is what I detail in my latest podcast. Listen in and enjoy.


Staying Adventurous Podcast Show Notes

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