50th State in 50 Years – My Aloha Adventures in Oahu Hawaii on Staying Adventurous Ep 73

I made it. I completed the quest of visiting all 50 states in 50 years.

If you listen to the podcast you know I’ve been working towards this moment for years with my most recent states becoming podcast episodes themselves. We have visits to Kansas and Missouri in my Kansas City episode and recently state 49 on my visit to Fargo, North Dakota.  And now number 50 is Hawaii coming in at episode 73 (my birth year).

Craig Surf-5

I made the decision  to celebrate my 50th birthday in Hawaii, that was my present to myself (and from others) and flew from Miami to Honolulu to spend a week on Oahu. Th plan, circle the island in a Jeep with stopping at multiple hotels and adventures along the way. I wanted to  surf, snorkel, and view sunsets.  I wanted culture, cuisine, and cocktails too. I also wanted to experience a luxury resort to celebrate the big birthday and travel question completion milestones.  And as you;ll listen, I discovered all this and more. Much more.

Aloha! and let’s enjoy Hawaii.

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Aloha, when you love Hawaii


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the Beach at Waikiki

I woke up to this view at 50

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