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Travel Photography. Yes, Stay Adventurous Travel Photography.

Happy Holi 2013, images from a party in New York City

seeing myself on the sunglasses during Holi Festival

Each year, I set out to use more photography in my posts and do.  The Stay Adventurous travel photography images are extremely important to me. I put my heart and soul into each image I publish on this site or anywhere. Yes, it is more than a few clicks with a camera for me, but a way to capture the essence of a place, the essence of a moment, the essence of an adventure all with the goal to inspire you, my reader.

From my first comment on my site when someone liked one of my travel photographs (a moment that still makes me smile) to selling my first photographs to a print magazine to being a finalist in the 2013 Bloggies Awards for Best Photography Blog, I’ve come a long way and still it’s just beginning.

On this page, you’ll see my recent photography focused posts and other ways to appreciate my photography.

Photography for Sale

Beside posting my photographs on my site and also working freelance and selling access to use my images  I am also planning to start to allow the public, my readership to purchase images directly in 2016.

But until then, what about publishing or hanging your own photography? I am working with CanvasPop so you can frame your own images or even make them canvas art.

CanvasPop- Turn any photo into art.

Order the Annual Sunset Calendar

20104547_coverYou can already purchase my annual Travel Calendar for the new year. And this year I moved away from sunsets, but kept a focus on the mindset aspect of travel and adventure. Enjoy. Buy 2017 Calendar > here



Postcard Series

streets of Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, MexicoTo showcase more photography images, I started the “postcard” series. The series will highlight special photographs from my journey. The photographs in this collection will provide a sense of place, share a memorable moment, and tell of an adventure. These images will be accompanied by few words.  Expect no more than the words I can fit on the back of a postcard; I will let the image tell the story. I may also occasionally share my travel photography tips so stay tuned.


the Five

I created “the Five” to highlight a place or destination in five photographs. In creating photo essays, many times I used more than five images, but in this case after being asked by a PR firm to provide my top five photographs, I decided to make the idea a series. So now after each trip and even looking back to some of my past adventures, you can expect a post on the destination titled – “the Five”


"Valladolid" "San Bernardino Convent"

Photo Essays

At times, one photo or even five photos might not be enough to tell the entire story, in those cases I showcase a complete photograph essay with words. But the objective of the post is not merely to inspire through words, but through the beauty of the destination, the beauty of the moment.

For a list of all the adventurous postcard, the 5 series, and photo essays, view the photo category.

self portrait on the iPhone5 from the Arctic Adventure in Churchill, Manitobafollow @StayAdventurous Instagram

The majority of the photographs taken by me on this site are from my entry level Cannon digital SLR (Rebel), but a few images are from point and shoot cameras and / or my new iPhone5. However, on Instagram every photo is from my iPhone. I am iPhone only. Of course I do use the filters, but it’s all from the “instant” of the moment.

You can find me on Instagram – @StayAdventurous