Zipping Through Historic Banning Mills – Staying Adventurous Ep 55

At times we seek adventure and I found it at Historic Banning Mills just 45 minutes outside Atlanta, Georgia home to the world’s longest zipline course according to Guiness world records. So adventure awaits those who visit, but it is not just ziplines and adrenaline focused adventure at Banning Mills.  Here visitors can stay in a tree house, kayak the river or lake, hike 15 miles of trails, and also take an unique eco-spider ATV off-roading (a must try).


So, come with me to explore these grounds in my latest podcast, Zipping Through Banning Mills, and listen to interviews with the activities manager and the owner and also hear the typical segments of the staying adventurous mindset moment, my top 3 travel tips, culture through cuisine and where to watch the sunset. Come with me and let’s zip through Historic Banning Mills.

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Zipping through Banning Mills

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