Tasting the Wines of Paso Robles – Staying Adventurous Ep 64

Earlier this year I headed to California for a holiday and followed a travel recombination of some wine drinking friends and visited the wine region of Paso Robles. Focusing more and more of my travel energy on making luxury part of the adventure with wine tastings, this became a perfect fit.

The adventure was memorable, the wine notable, and the destination remarkable. Listen in and learn all about Paso Robles as a wine destination and more.

Staying Adventurous Podcast Show Notes

viewing the vineyards of Paso Robles

one the many vineyards of Paso Robles

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Wineries Visited

Interview Guests

walking the vineyards in Paso Robles

on to the next wine tasting…..

Non-Wine Destinations to Visit



tasting the wines in Paso Robles

time for a refill


*Mistakenly Robin’s Restaurant was call Rachel’s at times in the podcast. Please note the restaurant visited and discussed is Robin’s Restaurant in Cambria

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