Travels Through Colonial Virginia – Staying Adventurous Ep 63

It remains important to learn from the past. To understand a place not just through the lens of today, but also attempt to understand the decisions made through history that created our today.  Museums showcase these stories and present many artifacts that piece together what life was like across the globe. In Colonial Virginia they go a step further and provide multi-ways to learn and experience the past with experiential and living museums.  Some even call it “Edu-tainment.” Yes, you will be educated and entertained.

carriage ride in colonial williamsburg on the governor's mansion

Horse and Carriage ride at the Capitol in Colonial Williamsburg

In this episode we will take a visit through history and learn about two main museums focusing American history with interviews with experts from both Colonial Williamsburg and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. You’ll learn about these places from the source to understand the must visit attractions. Plus along with my thoughts you’ll hear the Staying Adventurous Mindset Moment, my Top 3 Travel Tips, and more. Much more. In fact, you’ll also learn a a 5th grade student in the new segment called the Mercer Minute.

So listen in and enjoy.

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continental army soldier prepares to shoot a musket at the American Revolution Museum of Yorktown, Virginia

Preparing to shoot the musket at American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Additional Places of Interest

entering the govenor's mansion for a tour in colonial williamsburg, virginia

Hello, welcome to the Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg


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