The Mangrove Inn Sunset and Dinner

After in the day on Magdalena Bay and exploring the sand dunes of Magdalena Island we headed back to the Mangrove Inn for dinner and an overnight at one of its beachfront villas. Being on the Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula I thought it be great opportunity to capture sunset in Mexico in the Puerto Aldofo Lopez Mateos.

lobster and shrimp dinner at mangrove inn in Puerto Aldofo Lopez Mateos

what a diner at the Mangrove Inn… Que Rico! local Lobster, local shrimp

As it turns out the western view was not over Magdalena Bay, but a western view was accessible from a tower. I walked up to capture the sun dipping slowly across the desert landscape, but unfortunately (mistakenly) set up my GoPro to capture a time lapse sunset incorrectly. But while I missed that moment I did capture a moment through my iPhone and also by hand in my journal.

sunset view near magdalena bay at the Mangrove Inn in Puerto Aldofo Lopez Mateos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

sunset view from Mangrove Inn Tower

As I do with many sunsets, I draw it with pen on paper in the moment. At the time I also captioned some of the thoughts from my journey across Comondu, especially my adventures on and around Magdalena Island in my travel journal.  It is often part of my meditative process. Journaling is also the very first Staying Adventurous Mindset Moment discussed in my podcasts from my time discovering Pura Vida; it is also found in my book – Gifts from the Road.  It’s often important ‘Craig Time” too.

sunset image from stay adventurous journal 2021 baja california sur, mexico

my journal, not my best, but I do love to sketch

My friend captured the moment (give it a like on instagram) without my knowing and posted it on her personal instagram.  I loved seeing it since it took me directly back to this special sunset moment.

Happy Sunset Sunday, Craig

To See all my images from Loreto click on hastag –  #Stay_LoretoBCS and you too can appreciate the Lure of Loreto and this part of Baja California Sur. Special thanks to Travel Baja California Sur for hosting me during my travels to Loreto and more thanks to ATMEX for facilitating my adventure as media to the region.

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