Making New Year’s Resolutions for 2021 – Staying Adventurous ep50

Happy New Year. Happy 2021.

So many of us are happy and excited to turn the page from 2020 to the new year 2021. Hopefully you joined me and turned the page with your new 2021 Stay Adventurous Travel Calendar. If not, there is still time to order yours. Still more than 11/12 of the year left too.

But either way, hopefully you are excited for the opportunity for another new beginning. And perhaps you also made (or at least debated making) New Year’s Resolutions. Well, regardless if you have or have not (yet) there is always time to focus on positive changes in your life. In this special milestone episode, our 50th episode, we decided to shift gears and offer advice on New Year’s resolutions.  Hear from experts in the career space and from a personal trainer. Listen in as career coach Maggie Mistal once again inspires on how to make a great living and also certified personal trainer Patrick Coglianese gives us a foundation to make changes.

I offer advice on travel and also ideas on travel resolutions, discuss my own and ask you to join me in helping us all be accountable for

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  • craig zabransky

    As promised….my top three resolutions.
    1. (travel) visit a new (to me) US state in 2021…. I have six left to go.
    2. (career) launch
    3. (fitness) a 30 second plank every single day.

    share your top 3 with me and let’s support and encourage each other.

    stay Positive (test negative), Craig

  • Nidhi Mahajan

    Keep it up with your podcasting, I love the way you express your thoughts.

    • Craig Zabransky

      Thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed the content provided here on Stay Adventurous, Craig

    • craig zabransky

      thanks… I appreciate that…. hopefully you enjoy the podcast too.

      Stay creating, Craig