The Quest for 50 pt II – Staying Adventurous Ep 61

The quest for all 50 really started for me post my collegiate graduation cross country road trip. I decided I wanted to discover and know my own country better before discovering more of the world. I realized there was so much beauty in my country, and have continued to visit every corner and now am at 48 states in 48 years.

The quest for all 50 in 50 years is within reach.

I have just two let. And I’ll continue to travel to capture those states: North Dakota and Hawaii.

But now let’s listen in to part II of the series and learn more about of the this quest with two more interviews from fellow adventure seekers (one stuck at 49, one recently completed 50 ) about their quest for 50 states too. You will discover this is not just a chance for a trip of a lifetime, but essentially a lifetime of trips.

painted art work a night woods through an American Flag - Art by Craig Zabransky

I actually painted this…

Staying Adventurous Podcast Show Notes

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Guest 01: Stephen Bugno

Guest 02: Joan Christel

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USA Flag flying at the Benton, PA Rodeo

a look at Americana



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