Taking on a Travel Quest? – Staying Adventurous Ep 70

Are you on a travel quest? Is it more than just a list of places you want to visit? Does your bucket list have a theme or even purpose?

Perhaps you looking to visit all 50 states? Are you planning to play golf in all 50 states? or visit a winery in every US state? Do you travel to understand the past or is it just for joy?


Surfing in Hawaii completed my travel quest to visit all 50 US States

In this episode we will discuss two individuals travel quests. The first is from Shari Leid, a mindset coach determined to meet a stranger in each of the 50 states and then Drew Knowless an accidental author  who just completed his 6th edition of the Route 66 Adventure Handbook. Let’s listen discover their quests, see what they learned and the advice they offer that you can take with you to complete your travel quest or even inspire you to start (a new) one.


shar leid on her quest for 50 meetings with strangers, one from each state

Shari Leid in Hawaii

Drew Knowles author of Route 55 Adventure Handbook

Drew Knowles









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