Beach Thursday Series

It’s been cold. Real cold.

And snowing too.

So after the ‘Seasons Greetings’ celebrations end and the all the Christmas warmth wanes the new year might even be colder. Much colder.

So, in thinking how to warm up (and showcase photography), I decided to start a special series dedicated to beaches from around the world.

Welcome to the Winter Series – Beach Thursday.

the beaches of Los Cabos

So why Thursday?

I can’t take credit for creating the Beach Thursday idea. I actually came across it on twitter (like most things) when I noticed the #BeachThursday hashtag. And from there I found the source of the idea- Isabelle’s Travel.

She, like many travelers enjoy a day at the beach and on one rainy Thursday an idea was born with a tweet. Well, now this winter (again), I am deciding to create a special series based on the concept.

So what can I expect in the series?

Beaches of course. Each Thursday of Winter , one beach a week will be highlighted. The story will include, my thoughts, my experience, and my photographs in an attempt to warm us all up to remember life is a beach and a few travel tips or advice when applicable. So sit, back or rather lounge out and enjoy.

But wait, which Beaches?

the beach at the Rosewood Mayakoba resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

bliss on the Riviera Maya

You can expect a heavy dose of Mexico in the series. Yes, my affair with Mexico is well documented on the site, but I will showcase beaches from all over the world too.  I will make sure I inspire you with other countries, continents and my creativity. Expect some interesting angles too.

The first iteration of the series was in 2010-11 (see below), and this year we are continuing through 2017-18. So, #StayWarm this winter and let’s appreciate beaches from all over the world:

2018 #BeachThursday Beaches

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2016 #BeachThursday Posts

2015 #BeachThursday Posts

2013-14 Beach Thursday Posts

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2010-11 Beach Thursday Posts

stay adventurous, Craig

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