Special Series

I believe my blog already is based on a theme. It’s “Stay Adventurous.”  And the goal remains simple: to provide tales of travel (with quality photographs) that inspire others to take and make adventure in their life.

the first sunset sunday photo

As I travel I plan to continue to share my experiences, my learning points and my adventures with you, my readership. And at times I might also use a sub-theme or a series or a “special series” to help encourage to take that step and even view travel, if not life, differently.

My first series was Sunset Sunday. And now every Sunday I share not just a photo, but also a special memory associated with that special sunset. Each one different, each one beautiful.

Now, I decided to continue with such an approach. So as events, anniversaries, or specific travels warrant something special – you might find a series. Sometimes I’ll dedicate a month to a destination – and that will be a destination series or perhaps to a type of story. I expect the creativity to grow with new exciting themes over time so stay tuned.

Here are the themes you can find on the blog:

  • time to put the feet up....

    Winter Series Beach Thursday (Dec 21-Mar 20, 2011)A fellow travel blogger, Isabelle Travels, started Beach Thursday. She inspires many of us in the travel community to post beach photos and stories via Twitter on Thursday. I guest posted for her blog, and wrote about what else, a beach – Puerto Escondido. Well now this winter on every Thursday (starting Dec 23, 2010) I’ll post a special “beach” inspired photos and the coinciding adventure in prose.

  • Culture through Cuisine – Restaurant Week. (starting in Jan 2011)

    its Cape Town Calamari

    We often use our culinary adventure as part of our search for an authentic experience. We want to eat where the locals eat. Well, once a month starting in January of 2011, I will dedicate a week to the restaurants and food options of a destination. Five days and five posts about the culinary options in that location. First up will be Charleston; southern comfort to keep us all warm in January.

Namibian African Crafts

For four Monday’s in the month of May, I’ll be sharing experiences, photos, and recommendations from a global marketplace. The series plans to take us across all continents, many countries, in it’s multiple “seasons” (May is the first month). but most importantly, it  takes you, the reader, inside the local marketplace.

  • Where to Stay? (Monthly Post est. July 2011)

    an apartment in Sitges, Spain...

This monthly series will highlight a property where I stayed. It can be a 5 star luxury property or a less than $10 hostel, but the key will be that I’d recommend the property in some fashion, for some audience. It gives the reader a chance to understand the destination and the accommodation.

The Series contains stories of adventure.  But the adventure will not solely be about the experience, but also contain a mindset moment. A moment when the adventure caused a shift in thinking and a lesson learned. I plan to share those moments of travel with you each and every Thursday the entire fall season of 2011. (13 posts)


and more to come…..

Stay adventurous, Craig