Culture through Cuisine

tray of tequila at hacienda tres rios resort in the riviera maya at a special tasting

I"ll have another...

I love to taste cuisine’s of the world. I believe such a sampling is also educational and a way to learn the history and culture of a destination. And there is not better place to share stories then over a meal, especially over good food and good drink, right?

At first, with Culture through Cuisine I wanted to highlight a destination for a week of posts. To give my readership the chance to know locations its restaurants and even to under what to order.  Through these posts, I expect to allow readers a chance  to experience the culture of a destination through its cuisine.

Yes, it will be essentially Restaurant Week –  Culture through Cuisine.

Now, more recently I’ve decided to highlight must eats, drinks, or both from destinations too. Essentially what dish delights and is essential when traveling to the region, city, or town. Every destination has a food, a drink, a dish, a delicacy travelers must try (at least one), and usually you can’t go wrong. Usually.

But the goal of the series, the posts are to truly highlight cuisine and show how it can educate us and make us better global citizens. Eat or way to appreciation. Yes, when you appreciate someone’s local cuisine, in a sense I believe you appreciate their culture. Agree? Wait – ok, you have questions?

Can I really experience Culture through its Cuisine?

Las Cason de los Vinos Steak House in Playa del Carmen

Yes.  Cuisine is both art, history (and delicious).

Eating a meal is not just about tasting the four flavors; sweetness, bitterness, sourness, or saltiness. No, it involves all the senses, especially sight.

The crafting of a dish, the colors, combinations, and creativity all play a crucial role in its presentation and in my opinion its taste. And just like each culture has its different artists – writers, painters, or sculptors to tell its story, cuisine has its different chefs (dishes) too.

Also, many of the best tasting dishes also have been created and perfected over generations. Some hold roots in historical events. And when eating I believe you can taste it; it’s the special ingredient. Grandmas would agree.

Art and History.

But, what does this have to do with Stay Adventurous or Travel?

Kobe Beef Entree from Megu in NYC

Hmmm. How adventurous was Marco Polo? What would Italian cuisine be without him returning from China and introducing pasta.

Sharing dishes across the globe continues to this day and remains one of my favorite experiences on an travel.  Ever attempt to eat an adventurous meal on the road? Drunken Shrimp perhaps? Or did you ever say “I want to eat where (and what) the locals eat?” Exactly.

Ok, I agree, so do you plan to critique restaurants?

No, not exactly.  I might write about five different dinning experiences from a destination I enjoyed  or I might highlight one popular item. Any story can include breakfast, lunch, dinner, a drink or even a snack

Also, you can expect tips on what to order when you travel to the destination too…

Tapas and Pizza at Sammy's WoodFired Pizza in La Jolla, CA

Popular Must Eats and Must Drink

  • Revello’s Pizza in Old Forge, PA

Restaurant Week – Culture Thru Cuisine

Charleston, South Carolina

Mazatlán, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta (March 14-18)

Cape Town, South Africa (April 11-16)

Miami, Florida, USA

Lakeside Guatemala

Ok, great, how can I suggest a place, food or drink, or a city to review?

Easily, if there is  a restaurant I need to visit or an adventurous dish  or drink I need to try, leave me a comment here or contact me directly. Again, I hope you enjoy the series as much as I will.

“Buen Provecho!”

stay adventurous, Craig

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