One Reason to Take A Caribbean Cruise – Half Moon Cay

half moon cay with view of cruise ship and bikiniDo you need a reason to take a cruise? Some travelers love the cruise vacation, others don’t. I wondered where I’d stand after nearly a twenty year absence from the “cruise” holiday. Before I boarded the ms Zuiderdam last year, my last sail of similar magnitude was as a teenager with my parents. I realized much has changed, but I found something I missed at Half Moon Cay.

Half Moon Cay

If you found the perfect beach would you buy it? Well, Holland America did. The softest sand, crystal-clear water and now thanks to cruise ships all the amenities come shore too to make a paradise.

a walk on the sands of half moon cay, an island in the bahamas owned by Holland America

go for a walk....

a view from half moon cay, a island in the bahamas owned by the cruise industry and Holland America

an excursion can be a hobie

From a simple hammock (where I spent my day) to high-end cabanas, you’ll find everything on the island including a bar.

a hammock on half moon cay

I spent my time here...

the beached pirate ship on half moon caye

I stopped by the pirate ship bar too. It had live music

Of course the day wasn’t perfect as I missed the buffet line (not used the rules of a cruise) and well, I wanted like to capture the sunset from the island (although I loved state room balcony sunsets) but we departed too early.

Yet, when I left the beach, I felt reminded of the perfect post card setting. It does exist and you truly can just float the day away on this Bahamian Island.

floating in the perfect water at half moon cay

stay adventurous, Craig

This post is part of the winter Beach Thursday series. Enjoy a beach post every Thursday to keep you warm all winter long. Also, special thanks again to Cruise Radio and Holland America who provided for my passage on the 10-Night Panama Canal Sunfarer

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  • Marivic

    Craig, I’ve never been on a cruise but getting to a beach like this might change my mind.

    • craig zabransky

      it certainly was a great first stop… it is so close to Ft Lauderdale, yet it seemed so far away … stay adventurous, Craig

  • Maria

    I am with Marivic – never cruised but the right destination just might change that statistic. :-)

    • craig zabransky

      A Cruise is definitely a different type of vacation, but it certainly has its pluses… this is one. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Emjay Carlos

    I agree, but it’s always a lot more crowded when we’re there, with a lot more fat old cruisers like me! :-)

    • craig zabransky

      lol. when someday i inspire ….. to return. stay adventurous, Craig

  • bill kaliher

    wow–what a nice looking place-

  • Anita Mac

    That water looks divine! Totally a bucket listable beach.

    • craig zabransky

      Yes, it looked like the idyllic beach… a paradise. stay adventurous, Craig

  • The World of Deej

    As an avid cruiser, the best days in my opinion are on the private islands. Have not been to Half Moon Cay, which gives me plenty of good reason to sail Holland America!

  • Charu Suri

    I love any island with such beautiful blue waters. Needs to be bath water temparature though and it sounds as though it was

    • craig zabransky

      I’d call the water refreshing more than bath water…. but it worked, and worked well. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Leah Travels

    I’m famous the world over for my hatred of cruises. However, your beautiful photos *might* make me consider this place. 😉

  • Pola (JettingAround)

    I keep saying that the only cruise I’d do is one in Alaska, on a small ship. And then you had to post that picture of the hammock. Now, I could see myself there!

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