Spain’s Secret Beaches in L’Ametlla del Mar

The beaches of L’Ametlla del Mar will always be special to me. Its shores are where my toes first touched the Mediterranean Sea over a decade ago, its Spanish sunsets speak to me, and it is a place of family and friends.

walking down to the beach in the heart of L'Ametlla del Mar, Catlunya, Spain

the walk down to the main beach in town

The town, far from the main tourist trial in Spain (although it has some of the nicest postcards), is located on its Costa Dorada (on the Catalonian coast of Spain). The smaller, almost secret beaches are neither a fiesta fueled scene nor a summer fashion show, but rather tranquil just like its waters. You will not find high-rise building or major hotel chains in town either. Nope, in fact, L’Ametlla’s main beach in town is in a small cove nestled between rocky coastlines and it is not often crowded.

One cove close to town has been awarded the prestigious blue flag status and its surrounding coastline and multiple cove beaches are considered by many the cleanest and nicest for snorkeling in Spain.

kayak and a snorkeler at the beach in l'ametlla del mar, catalonia, spain

plenty of kayaks, but also a snorkeler

fish in the sea at the beach in L'ametlla del Mar, Costa Dorada, Spain

in the clear water you can see the fish swim right next to you

a couple enjoying the beaches of L'Ametlla del Mar, Spain

a little beach time always makes for a good day

My most recent visit had me swimming among fish, taking in some late season sun, and navigating the sand attempting not to focus the few female topless sunbathers (no photos) – ah, Europe.

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L’Ametlla del Mar is a perfect coastal stop directly between Valencia and Barcelona. Here you can spend time with locals in an actual fishing village and still find Spain’s amazing cuisine at quite reasonable prices, (including take away 5 euro bottles of better-than-average vino). And don’t worry, you’ll find English (and most every language) available on its restaurant menus. You can even navigate with the town without speaking the native language Catalan or Spanish, although some knowledge certainly helps.

Stay Adventurous, Craig

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