Sunset Sunday – Bostan Abad, Iran

Elin has traveled to many parts of the world many Americans don’t see. This week, she shares another sunset from her time on the road. Here is a sunset from Bostan Abad, Iran. Enjoy.

An Adventure Inside Iran

I guess all people who read the news are biased in their view on Iran. I was excited to go there as it has been praised by other travelers I know – but my family was not happy with me. It is wise to listen to other travelers?

The people we met all emphasized that even though people follow the rules of the strict regime of Iran, they do not necessarily agree with it. For me, the people from Iran were hospitable, helpful and curious. They did everything to make my stay in their country become a wonderful experience. I would say that Iran is just as beautiful as this sunset outside our hotel the second night in Iran.

Elin Reitehaug photo of a sunset in Bostanabad, Iran

Bostan Abad, Iran

Other highlights from Iran was the buzzing life of the bazaar in Teheran, dinner in the popular restaurant area of Darband in Teheran, a party with the locals at a friend´s house, some days in the charming and beautiful town Esfahan and a camping trip with our new friends high up in the mountains on Filband.

-Elin Reitehaug

This sunset was shot by Elin Reitehaug on a trip where she and two friends drove the 18200 kilometers from Norway to Mongolia in an ambulance, taking part in the Mongolia Charity Rally 2012. Elin is the founder and writer of, Taste of Slow – a blog about travel and vegetarian food. Look for Elin on Twitter as @TasteOfSlow

Happy Sunset Sunday. Stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Maria

    Wow! What an amazing sunset – has an otherworldly quality about it.

    Well done Elin!

  • TripsByLance

    Really cool. One of my best friends from college is from Iran. I just watched “Argo” this weekend and it really has me curious about what it’s like to visit there.

    • craig zabransky

      I still need to see Argo myself… stay curious, Craig