A Look At All 31 United Mexican States

You can look on a map and to explore the United Mexican States (the official name for Mexico) or you can actually visit them. I’ve visited many of Mexico’s states and expect to explore more in the years to come. To date I’ve only stepped foot in roughly half of them, but that didn’t stop me from visiting  them all this March.

colorful map of mexico, it is made up of 31 states, the united mexican states.

A colorful map of Mexico

Mexican March Madness 2015

Yes, this March I made a point to visit all the states south of the border with my series – Mexican March Madness. For the annual event in 2015, a time when StayAdventurous.com transforms to All Mexico-All March, I visited or we visited every state inside Mexico. Each day the site showcased one of the 31 States in Mexico. One post a day. Thirty-one days, thirty-one posts, and the thirty-one states of Mexico.

And since I only personally visited half the states I needed help from friends, family, and fellow bloggers. I remain thankful for all there help everyone gave in making the series a success. Below is a list of each state and I marked a little (gp) for guest post.

So, if any state captured your interest definitely take a more detailed look below.

The 31 United Mexican States are:

Stay adventurous, Craig


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