Award Winning Mexican Rum and other Drinks to Taste in Colima, Mexico

Ever taste a Mexican rum? It’s not all agave based spirits south of the border, there is a rum distilled in Mexico.  Ok, what about quality organic Mexican coffee and not the often served Nescafé?! It also exists. And have you tasted award winning craft beer when traveling in Mexico or do you stick to the popular commercial brands? There are actually plenty to drink.

And in Colima, a small Mexican State located on the pacific coast you can taste all three.

the Volcano de Colima, Vulcan de Colima in Colima Mexico

Vulcan de Colima, it’s the volcanic soil that provides the flavor for the drinks.

Often, the travels to the more remote (or less touristy) destinations lead to discovery.  Not unlike the drinks from Tuxtla Chiapas, Colima offers the chance to explore its current culture through cuisine via sampling three local beverages. Liquids are worth packing in your suitcase after a visit.

Ron Classico – Mexican Rum

Taking the Tour of Ron Classico in Colima, Mexico

Tasting and Touring Ron Classico

When you think about what to drink in Mexico, the first word that comes to mind is tequila? Maybe for those trendier folks, they say Mezcal such as the agave spirits found on the adventures in Malinalco. Yet, Ron Classico, distilled in Colima, Mexico is aiming to change the way we view Mexican spirits. .Already award winning with medals for its No. 1 Premium, No. 2 Blanco, No. 3 Anejo, and No. 5 Spiced Rum at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Mexican rum has entered the world stage and with goals to compete against the likes of the top premium rums. Taking a page from Zacapa, the famous award winning rum from Guatamala, it believes the key is found in the volcanic soil and altitude.  After my tasting, I tend think its effort and dreams have serious merit.  Delicious.

the Ron Classico Distillery in Colima Mexico

the unique design of Ron Classico in Colima

Mexico Travel Tip:

Visit the creative designed distillery building just a few kilometers outside the capital city Colima for a tour and most importantly a tasting. Visitors will be guided through how to make rum and also can receive a tutorial at the tasting bar on how to make the perfect mojito. Look out Cuba (and Miami) Mexico is redefining the rum cocktail and entering the world stage.

Mexican Rum mojito at Ron Classico in Colima Mexico

Making the Mojito

Drinking a homemade Mexican Mojito at Ron Classico in Colima, Mexico

Tasting the Mojito

Café La Yerbabuena Organic Coffee

First stop - view of vulcan de colima

First Stop, Clouds covering the Volcano de Colima (covered in clouds)

The high altitude, volcanic soil, and shade grown coffee coupled with organic farming practices enable the local morning staple in Colima to hold a unique flavor.  On a local Colima tour, the main Volcano was the first stop (earlier in the morning is best to obtain a clear view before typical cloud cover) but our best view was walking to Café La Yerbabuena our second stop. In a place where coffee has been harvested for over 140 years, sip and relax with a view of the famous Volcano de Colima.

organic high altutude coffee in colima at cafe yerbabuena

Cafe Yerbabuena

Mexico Travel Tip:

Make sure you purchase your kilo early when visiting because with small quantity grown on these local farms, it can sell out quickly on any tour. And the price is certainly right to take it home as a souvenir.

Cerveceria de Colima – Craft Beer

the Colima brewery for its craft beer

Take a tour and enjoy a pint.

A popular trend taking hold across the states in the US and also in the states of Mexico is craft beer. I interviewed on craft brewer in Tabasco, Mexico last year and now found another beer worth drinking when visiting Mexico. Cerveceria de Colima opened in 2014, and continues to make its impression on the local and visitors coming to this ever expanding tourist destination. Comilita Lager, it’s most popular can be found at many of the local bars and restaurants across Colima, along with other types of beer from a session IPA, Pale Ale and a Porter.  So definitely ask any local waiter about the beer when ordering your post adventure cerveza.

thank you ATMEX 2018 . Cheers with a beer in Colima, mexico

the local craft beer in Colima, mexico

Mexico Travel Tip:

Take time to visit the outdoor tap room one evening just outside Colima. Immerse yourself in the local scene, enjoy live music and the complete selection of craft beer offered.   Tours and tasting are also available.

The more I explore Mexico, the more I discover drinks to sample and enjoy… sometimes they have origins in the past, other times like in Colima, they are favorites in modern day culture. I look forward to my return in 2019 to once again enjoy these 3 drinks from Colima and also discover more.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Special thanks to ATMEX for hosting my travels to Colima, I look forward to more adventures at ATMEX 2019 in Manzanillo.


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