Taking the Sunrise Photo Walk at the Lodge at Woodloch

This trip, the weekend at the Lodge at Woodloch located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, was different.  I expected such as it was my first time traveling again since the pandemic altered the travel landscape. What wasn’t different on this trip was missing the sunset at the lake. I missed it again. In prior years it was attending inspiring evening classes by featured speakers keeping me away, this time it was the dinners which included the Chef’s Garden Dinner (no complaints).

the sunrise at the lake, Lodge at Woodloch, a Destination Spa

sunrise on the lake at the Lodge at Woodloch

So with all the changes to the schedule of classes mandated because of the need to adhere to current guidelines, I decided to make a change too. Know that these changes didn’t affect the opportunity to keep Staying Luxurious at the Destination Spa, but it did inspire me to do something different. I decided to reserve a spot in the sunrise photo walk at 5:30am.  Yes, I’d capture a sunrise instead of a sunset for the Sunset Sunday series.

Not normally up early unless fishing or surfing is involved, I decided to alter my normal “sleep-in Sunday” approach to the blissful weekend for the chance to walk the property in the quiet of the morning. When the alarm went off, I’ll admit it was difficult to leave the comforts of the cozy bed, but I made a commitment and headed to the lobby for the class. Upon arrival I found just the guide waiting for me. This class was just me. A private tour. Perfect.

We immediately headed outside and started to head towards the lake. The brisk mountain morning air made for a brisk walk even as the summer sun continued to illuminate the forest. First light was well before the 5:30am this time of year, the start time for the class, and the sun already was making its presence known.

walking out to the 15 acre lake at the Destination Spa, the Lodge at Woodloch

Walking out to on the docks to experience the new day

We walked out on the docks, the same docks I’d return to for a discovery kayak at 8am, to take in the view. Here we stood in silence to mirror the stillness of the setting. I took in a deep breath and released. Then another. This moment made the struggles of waking up worth it.  It was a beautiful moment and once again the world was a beautiful place.

Our walk or hike continued through the sanctuary area, a newer area opened to guests, and we walked to where the waters of Little Teedyuskung Lake (really a bog) empties out and then back to the Lodge. We passed an old farm house, photographed an old car (1930s) left for junk in the woods, deer and also discovered animal tracks. The day was just beginning, and I was thankful to have the opportunity to witness its origin on the trails at the Lodge at Woodloch.

A summer sunrise at Little Teedyuskung Lake at the Lodge at Woodloch

appreciating the stillness of the day


Happy Sunrise Sunday,


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  • william b kaliher

    Nice write up–I should know Penn more than I do—but tell u what Mr. Craig I’m ready for this virus to go and let u travel in and give me more insights to Mexico—but you did just make me kick myself for not having visited Penn a great deal more than I have–bill

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Penn offers much, and is really a place for any season…. let me know what you need to know when you make your plans…..also, keep me posted on Mexico adventures…. Stay Safe and Stay Traveling, Craig

  • Maggie Mistal

    Stunning sunrise Craig! What a beautiful part of the world. Glad there are places like this where we can still enjoy the beauty of nature. When you get up that early, you don’t have to worry about crowds or social distancing. :)

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Thanks…. agree, such an amazing place. And so true, there are fare fewer crowds at sunrise compared with sunset…. stay getting up early and doing things, Craig

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