Writing a Poem in (and about) a Hammock

The ninety minute class, Nature Journaling, seemed like the perfect way to spend this splendid summer afternoon at the Lodge at Woodloch. With the blessing of idyllic weather, I ventured outside to appreciate its perfect temperature and discover the day’s gentle breeze and clear blue skies accented with puffy white clouds. It all seemed like a scene from a book or movie, but nope this was my reality.  And I was primed to for a nature nurtures moment needed in these times.

the meadows at the lodge at woodloch, a destinaiton spa in the pocono mountains of Pennsylvania

I can see my place, the Hammock awaits

The guide took me from the newer Owl’s Nest building to the forests and meadows for class. With multiple locations to spend the class time, all beautifully placed around the grounds, the choice became obvious – the hammock between two trees. I grabbed a knee pad (for a pillow), accepted the box of colored pencils with a sharpener along with my new journal branded with “may the forest be with you” (all provided) and set off for some Hammock time.

drafts and sketches from content creator craig zabransky

sketching and drafting poetry

At first I decided to sketch the scene, to do something different than journaling. Once my drawing was complete I transitioned to something else – poetry.  On this site, I published one prior poem, over ten years ago about something I wrote when gazing at the Empire State Building. My setting changed, and so has my life, but I still love to tap in to my creative soul and write a poem.

As my thoughts left the current challenges of the day including  traveling again for the first time since everything seemed to begin,  I chose to focus on the now and drafted an acrostic poem using the word Hammock

Timeless Message Found in a HAMMOCK

by Craig Zabransky


H ere and now

A ttention found between two trees

M eadows brightly bloom beneath

M indful bliss appears when focus fades

O n what truly never mattered

C reative thoughts suddenly take root

K eeps dreams alive among many breeze whispers
This poem was slighted edited again after its initial publishing on my instagram, read it here.  And yes, you should be following @stayadventurous on instagram. Please do so.

Stay Poetic, Craig

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