Postcard-No Monks in Bisabirachi Valley, Creel

Outside the Mexican magic town of Creel in Chihuahua visitors can walk among giant rock formations. One special place known as the Valley of the Monks or Bisabirachi, is a must visit. There is little resemblance to monks in the formations, but the name was changed since the original name given by the Tarahumara Indians might offend some today. But, sometimes you just must appreciate and smile at the literal,  Bisabirachi actually translates to valley of the erect penises.

the rock formations called valley of the monks or Bisabirachi Valley just outside Creel in Chihuahua, Mexico

do they look like monks?

Stay adventurous, Craig

Magic Towns or “Pueblo Magicos” as special “magical” towns inside Mexico that offer visitors a unique look at the culture and color that is essential Mexico. A friend of mine Jessica at Mexican at Heart quests to see them all although I don’t think she has visited Creel yet. Either with over 50 identifed in Mexico, I’ll admit I’d like to do the same.

Also, this image is part of the 2013  Mexican March Madness. This year it will consist of 31 photos in across the 31 days of March. Additionally, I received passage through Chihuahua, but the opinions expressed in this post and all my writing are always my own.

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  • Bill Kaliher

    Great photo–have never visited Creel yet–have probably seen 20 pueblos magicos and thought I’d see them all when the number was 25 but don’t think I can reach all fifty.

    • craig zabransky

      Bill, it certainly will take some time to see them all, but you do spend enough time in Mexico amigo, you can do it….. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Francesca

    Hmmm… monks, you say? I see why the name was changed, though the meaning of the original name is quite amusing. On another note, you continue to make me want to explore more of Mexico. Gracias!

    • craig zabransky

      Francesca, glad to hear my posts have inspired or keep inspiring you to explore Mexico, definitely feel free to ask for any advice when you make your travel arrangements 😉 stay adventurous, Craig