The North Shore Sunset from Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu

Visiting the North Shore was a dream come true. I always wanted to see the beach where pipeline takes place and even surf this side of Hawaii for myself.  Of course, not when the huge powerful waves crash its shoreline, but in the “off season” which is typically in the summertime. I’m a casual surfer and surf long board.

surf long board north shore oahu hawaii

Longboarding with a rainbow – pretty cool.

I knew I’d need to spend a few days here, and if you want to stay at a resort on the north shore of Ohau, the one stand out is the Turtle Bay Resort. There are other options and VRBO is huge, but for a resort – its Turtle Bay.

The resort offers amenities and excursions (classes) also with top notch surf school, the Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience, directly on site. I thought i didn’t need lessons, I’d been surfing for years, although perhaps in hindsight it would have been helpful (especially for my son) for the extra “push” into the waves they provide. But instead we rented a few boards for  the morning for another father-son adventure.

Father and Son ready to Surf

view from the balcony of turtle bay resort in north shore oahu to watch polnesian fire dancing show

We surfed and created a memory for a lifetime that day. But of course we tired, but it gave us enough time to enjoy the beach, time to snorkel, swim in the pool, and prepare for an evening sunset. Right outside our balcony we had the view of the of the water, the pool and mountains. It was not a perfect west facing view for the complete sunset,  but it was still incredible as we appreciated the colorful show of light along with the beauty both man made at the resort and also the island of Hawaii.  Plus, down below the daily Polynesian fire show performed by a local set the moment.

sunset view at turtle bay resort oahu north shore in hawaii

So as a family, we prepared for dinner in our room with a view of the festivities provided for us by nature and also the hotel. Before the sun finished up its splendid show in the sky, the polynesian fire dancer asked the same question all Hawiian performers ask at the end of a show, “do you want to see more?” And we said yes to ourselves as we heard others share a loud yes as well. But then, as always, they said , “then come back tomorrow.” We smiled since by day 4 or 5 you’ve heard this joke before. But nonetheless, we planned to come back to once again tomorrow to catch the magic of the dancer, and especially the magic of another sunset on the north shore of Oahu on our Hawaiian adventure.

Happy Sunset Sunday, Craig


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