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Ever since I took my first virtual wine tasting during days we were encouraged to stay inside or local, I became hooked on how we can still travel together and connect to a place through a shared luxury experience and its wine.  Then after releasing my Staying Adventurous Podcast episode on Travel Through Wine I knew I needed to expand my guiding beyond Stay AdvenTours to Mexico to include another passion of mine –wine.

craig zabransky stay luxurious wine journey virtual

By this time, I already prepared fundraising wine pairing dinners (including a vegan one), but now I wanted to understand more about the wine itself. I wanted to know the delicate details of the wine making process, to learn its history, learn what grapes go in what wines along with the styles I enjoy the most. I aimed to discover the best wine pairings and especially wanted to explore more wine destinations. They all seemed to be places I’d love to visit on my adventures, especially the luxurious ones.   And eventually I want to become a certified wine expert on some level or even a sommelier.

spanish wine tasting - stay luxurious wine journey

Today, as my culinary expertise grew with the ownership of the Florida Keys Food Tour I also continue my wine education through my own Stay Luxurious Wine Journeys. Over the years I provided wine tasting focused on regions such as Italy, France, and just recently California’s Central Coast with the must visit wine destination of Paso Robles. We also explored warming reds in winter to the wonderful world of rose, and some specific summer whites from around the world.  We traveled the globe hitting six continents, countless countries, and gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of wine.  And now after 9 public virtual wine tastings, plus private ones, it was time to go out in the real world and taste with Stay luxurious. So with my friends in Spain – we curated the Stay luxurious Wine Journey through Spain.

segovia spain on stay luxurious wine journey to spain

from Madrid we stop in Segovia for lunch en route to Ribera del Duero

This June we shall cross the pond to one of my favorite destinations and one of the world’s best wine producing nations – Spain.  We curated a path through two of the world’s very best when it comes to wine in the classic Rioja and Ribera del Duero. We have all the details of our journey for download via a pdf – here.

the wine journey through Spain

So, if you haven’t checked out our previous virtual journeys, we will have another in November 2024, and if you want to experience the history, culture, architecture, cuisine all through the wines of Spain – join us this June.

Yes, there is still time. Deposits are (were) due April 15th, since we are leaving soon, but if you are really interested, connect with me and we can still discuss how you can join the few of us that committed to this journey of joy.

spanish wine tasting spanish wine tasting, pouring a white wine

Luxury is part of the adventure. So if you want to experience an adventure to last a lifetime, a journey to  change the way to eat and drink (for the better), and soak up the pleasures of life in the Spanish sun, connect with me and let’s drink some wine in Spain this June.

Stay luxurious, Craig

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