The Summer Sunset in Eggum, Norway

The northern part of Norway lies above the Arctic Circle. At times, the sun remains visible at the local midnight and watches over the land for more than 20 hours a day from mid-May to mid-July.Thus the name, Land of the Midnight Sun.

After a hectic work year, I finally had the chance to take some time off and plan a trip to Norway with my family. Sam, our eldest, had just turned 10 and went searching for places to see on his computer and he discovered Eggum.

Eggum, Norway

Eggum is a small Lofoten fishing village that lies on the seaward side of Vestvågøy, isolated in between mountains and the ocean. What other magical does the village have to offer? Plenty, with views of the Northern Lights in winter and also perhaps the best sunset in Norway in summer.

We visited Bodo before heading on to Eggum and rented a car to drive through Moskenes, Moskenesferjekai, BøstadSkole, and Borg before reaching the village. The road was long but the kids did not seem too tired.

We reached Eggumat around 7pm as the sun still shined brightly. We rested a little and made our way to the local amphitheater. It was still an hour or so before the sunset. So we took our time, ate, and clicked a ton of pictures. The sun began to set finally, slowly.

the sunset from Eggum Norway, part of the Lofoten Fishing Islands

the late Norway sunset

The much-heard acclaim did not fall short. The sky turned a painted hue of red and orange, blending with the water of the sea. We often take everyday phenomenons such as the sunset,  but here that was impossible. The picturesque view had me turn poetic- “Time is a gift and each day overflows with opportunities.” The sunset erased my hectic work schedule and gave me new perspective on life and the world. So much magic in the town of Eggum.

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