Sunset Sunday – Looking back at the Sunsets of 2012

As 2012 comes to an end and another year “sunsets” I am taking the time to reflect on the year and all the sunsets of 2012. When looking back at all the stories and images posted in the Sunset Sunday Series I can only smile. Wow, the simple joy of watching one of mother nature’s most “brilliant” moments never grows old on me. So yes, you can expect more sunsets in 2013 (and beyond), but to mark the end of the year, let’s review the 2012 sunsets in the series and discuss some of the highlights.

Milestone – 100th Sunset Sunday post

Craig Zabransky at sunset at Le Kliff outside of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

smiling at sunset...

Started over two years ago in the first month of this blog I wrote about a sunset on Kata Beach in Thailand. With that post I created Sunset Sunday and have regularly posted a sunset nearly every Sunday since. And after two years I reached the milestone of 100 sunsets.  To mark the moment I selected an image of me enjoying a sunset at Le Kliff in Puerto Vallarta.

Sunset Sunday Map

the sunset sunday series interactive map

all the blue pins are a sunset post

Probably my favorite part of the sunset series in 2012 was the creation of the sunset map. I released the map in September and have every sunset post pinned to the map (via Google maps). I noticed some heavy concentrations from locations where I spend multiple nights and some wide open spaces that need some coverage. When I released the sunset map I also created a goal of completing the map. It may be bold, but it will certainly be an adventurous journey.

Sunset Sunday Guest Posts

sunset on the mighty Brahmputra River, in Assam, India

sunset on the mighty Brahmputra River, in Assam, India

In 2012, I nearly doubled the Sunset Sunday guest posts with eight. And I am thankful for each author/photographer who shared an image and a memory with my readership. For 2013 you can even expect more. Much more.

To see all the guest posts from three years on the site and learn how to also be part of the series definitely check out the Sunset Sunday Guest Post page.

Sunsets from the US and Mexico

Again, the US and Mexico lead the pack as countries in the series. It makes sense, I spend most of my time (most sunset viewing opportunities) between these two countries. A total twenty-two sunsets can be classified from these destinations, but what is most exciting is all the new locations inside these large countries.

sunset at keystone resort in colorado during tbex 2012

For the US, I enjoyed time in the west with the sunset in the Rocky Mountains from Keystone Colorado when attending TBEX and also a few from Oklahoma including one sunset on Lake Hefner.

the view of the sunset afterglow at the copper canyon, watched from the deck at the Posada Mirador Hotel

the afterglow on the canyon

As for Mexico, Sure I posted a few from Mazatlan again, including one of my most popular of the year – the sunset from the Malecon, but I also traveled to Veracruz where I stopped the tour bus to view the sunset in los Tuxtlas and also captured a few sunsets from the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua.

 New Sunset Locations

sunset on eagle beach in aruba

after this sunset, I think I need to return to Aruba...

With Guest Posts I definitely continued to find new countries for the series (and the map), such as the sunset from India (above), others in Asia, and Europe too. But I also posted stories from my own travels to new locations this year too. In 2012 I spent time in the Caribbean with a cruise that included partial passage through the Panama Canal and even spent a holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Sunset Sunday in 2013

the mile high sunset for the sunset sunday series

oh, the places we will go...

As for 2013,  of course you can expect more from Mexico and the States, but also more new destinations especially since I won round trip tickets on Singapore Air. Plus, I plan to have a few more guest posts to keep adding to the map. Yes, 2013 promises to be another year of sunsets here on Stay Adventurous.

So please have a Happy New Year’s celebration and let’s toast to many more beautiful sunsets in 2013. All the best and as always, stay adventurous, Craig

Also, click here to see a complete list of all the sunsets of 2012

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  • Mary J McCoy-Dressel

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, Craig. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks for all the support and comments all year on the series Mary… And yes, happy new year to you and yours too. stay adventurous in 2013, Craig

  • Terri

    Hi Craig, We love reading your posts and seeing your beautiful pictures. Do you ever do winter locations with snow and a sunset? The sparkle of that could be a wonderful setting. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. I look forward to seeing the world through your creative eyes.

  • Chairman

    Congrats Z!! Really cool map…i didn’t realize how widely you’ve spanned the globe!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Maute… all the best in the new year… and stay adventurous – I’ll keep spanning the globe. 😉 stay adventurous, Craig

  • Maria

    Sunsets are common and happen daily, despite that, I do look forward to Sunset Sunday and want to thank you for providing them.

    • craig zabransky

      Agreed – they are so everyday… but, yet so magical. It reminds me how “the simple” can be so wonderful. Thanks again for all your support all year on the series. Stay adventurous, Craig

  • Raul

    Craig, this is an awesome series. I look forward to enjoying more sunset pix in 2013 and perhaps contribute one of my own!

    • craig zabransky

      Raul, I’d love for you to contribute one,you’ve been to some unique destinations… definitely let me know. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Lazy Travelers

    congrats on a successful series! here’s to many more sunsets in 2013.

  • Leigh McAdam

    A lovely look at some sunsets. I never get tired of looking at sunset photos.

    • craig zabransky

      Leigh, I never tire either… it is my moment of zen everyday… well everyday I spend time watching it which is often… stay adventurous, Craig

  • Leah Travels

    I always look forward to your Sunset Sundays. Keep ’em coming for 2013.

    • craig zabransky

      Leah, you bet… they will be there. Stay adventurous, Craig

  • Traveling Ted

    I am a mutual fan of sunsets: who isn’t. If you ever need a guest post on sunsets, I would be happy to participate.

    • craig zabransky

      Ted, glad to hear it… and yes, I always welcome guest posts; I know you’ve been to some unique destinations too. Let me know. Stay adventurous, Craig

  • Ana Silva O’Reilly

    simple but effective. makes me go away every sunday! thank you for a great year!

  • Pola (JettingAround)

    I have enjoyed this series – both reading entries and being featured myself – and I’m glad it’s doing so well. Here’s to lots of great Sunset Sundays in 2013!

    • craig zabransky

      Yes, Pola, thanks for sharing your moment in Florence… some day I need to get there myself…. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Anita Mac

    Great collection Craig! Glad to have met you in NYC – looking forward to following more of your sunset sundays! Huge sunset fan over here! Love the Aruba shot…flip flops in the bottom corner just glowing in the sunset…could picture myself there right now!

    • craig zabransky

      A pleasure meeting you too… always glad to meet another fan of the sunset too. I look forward to featuring one of your sunsets later this month…. stay adventurous, Craig