The Spiritual Sunset and More From San Luis Potosi, Mexico

The state of San Luis Potosi has an extensive and fascinating history, first finding prominence as a gold and silver mining center in 1592. The capital city (also named San Luis Potosi) is a thriving metropolis now, drawing visitors keen to experience the Colonial architecture and history and the lively cultural and artistic scene.
the sunset from Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosi, Mexico (by Del Sol Photography
Travelers seeking spiritual enlightenment travel to the town of Real de Catorce, known for the native psychoactive peyote plants used by people for centuries to connect with the gods and guide their consciousness.

Best Mexico Travel Tips: What to Do in San Luis Potosi

Visitors to the capital city of San Luis Potosi should not miss the opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside and small villages. Travelers will discover various ecosystems and all the beauty they entail; arid desert, lush forests filled with waterfalls in the Huasteca region and the mountains of the Sierra Gorda.

The state of San Luis Potosi is a photographers dream, an incredible variety of natural sites and man made architecture waiting to be captured. Foodies MUST try the famous “enchiladas potosinas“, a tasty treat famous throughout Mexico and native to the region.

Mexico Location: Where is San Luis Potosi?

San Luis Potosi is located in northeastern Mexico, surrounded by nine different states, making it the state with the most borders. Visitors may arrive to the small airport in the capital city, though more often than not it is suggested to fly to Mexico City and take a bus to San Luis Potosi.


Words by MexChat co-organzier,  Kelly McLaughlin aka CancunCanuck, with photo from Sol Tamargo of Del Sol Photography. Kelly, Sol and Del Sol Photography can all be found on twitter. t: @cancuncanuck @DelSolPhoto and @soltamargo.

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