Episode 21: So, What is Your Favorite Travel Destination?

Do you ever get asked, or do you ask the toughest question in travel?

So, What is your favorite destination?”

We all ask it…. and with a career in travel I get asked this travel question often. Very often. My answer often changes based on my audience, my mood and maybe my most recent adventure. Yes, the answer does change often and I wanted to explore why and also document some favorite destinations for you.

Sure, my answers in the podcast provide plenty of the places that seem to always be top of my mind, but when asked the question,I often find myself not just thinking of palm trees beaches or creative cuisine but also my mindset at the time. So listen in and hear my thoughts on that in the Staying Adventurous Mindset moment this month too.


the New York Times Travel Show

Earlier this year I returned to New York to speak on the Solo Travel Panel at the New York Times Travel Show and provide not just my reasons on why I love Solo travel, but also my favorite places for solo travel in 2017. It made me think of my favorite destinations in a new way and also became the genesis for this episode. And since at the travel show among colleagues, friends, in the travel space, I thought to interview or rather ask a few of my friends the question too. So listen in to their thoughts, you’ll see how they vary and some of the reasons for them.

the solo travel panel at the NYTTS 2017, that's Craig Zabransky upi there

That’s me up there.

Picking Favorites

So do you have a favorite trip, a favorite destination? Can you choose? Is it a place you shared? A place you visit alone? Is it even a place or maybe it’s a state of mind and mindset you held when traveling somewhere? Share with me your thoughts on the matter…. Let me know how do you answer the travel question, “What is your Favorite Destination?”

Stay Picking Favorites, Craig

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  • Bill Kaliher

    I liked how you answered the question– with me it seems budget determines all–well so does time–but Mexico seems my best fit for my interests and pocketbook

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      sometimes travel comes down to budget… but that never makes it any more or less of a favorite, does it? … I wonder if there is a correlation on price of travel and favorite travel places… i bet there isn’t much of one…. but i know one exists on mindset and favorites. glad you liked the podcast. Stay loving Mexico, it is a favorite of mine too, Craig

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