The Best Views of Santorini

I am willing to bet when you hear the word “Santorini” no words come to mind but rather an image of the Greek island simple appears. Probably one you might consider one of the best views of Santorini. But is there really such a place? Is there a location on the award winning island destination that encompasses its best view or views?  Is there really a place with the best view of Santorini?

the best view of Santorini from Oia

is this the best view?

Actually, on an island with so much beauty, the best views of Santorini are hard to choose. It’s not because there are few or the places are inaccessible to the public, no, but rather because at every turn and just a few steps down the path you  stop and believe you found it again. You discovered the best view. And it’s true until you find the next one a few minutes later.

Even after nearly two weeks exploring the island of Santorini, I still never became bored with the views of Santorini and the oppprtunity to take in the splendor of Santorni. I realized beauty exists all over the Greek Island and here are a few places with some of my favorite views.

The Best Views of Santorini from Imerovigli

I had to start here in Imerovigli; it is where I called home when visiting the island. I watched numerous Santorini sunsets from here, including many from Langas Villas where I stayed. I even used one as my 2015 Sunset Sunday Calendar cover and simply called another my bucket list sunset.

Regardless, the views from here every morning were just as amazing. Here are two views I’d wake up and see.

the view from the ground villa at langas villas in imerovigli, santorini

the morning view out the villa

the view of imerovigli, santorini

The Best Views of Santorini from the Hike to Skaros Rock

I hiked four times to Skaros rock in the morning as the sun rose over the cliffs.  Each time, I found breath-taking beauty; yes the inclines often took my breath away while hiking the hundreds of steps up and down.

the hike to skaros rock

Skaros Rock

the blue and white of the church on santorini

stop and pray… for a beautiful view

Special white churches with blue crosses (Greece’s colors) can be found across the Greek islands. I always stopped at this one to pray I’d make the trip and not be so out of breath.

The Best Views of Santorini from Fira

The capital maybe where you’ll find most of the cruise ship tourists, but don’t let that stop you from visiting. The streets are filled with charm and views definitely views at every turn too.

walking to Fira, the best views of santorini
Donkeys making the climb in Fira, SantoriniDonkeys take a stroll on the streets of Fira, Santorini

looking to see the views of Santorini from Fira,

The Views of Santorini from the Sea

Nestled in the caldera itself, the sea itself is a perfect place to spend a day when visiting Santorini. It may also be the perfect place to capture its views. As much as the views are amazing from atop the cliffs, it is fun to see the island from a sailboat or even when hiking on the volcano in the middle of the caldera.

the best views of santorini from volcano Nea Kameni

in the middle of the volcano, a nice view of Santorini

on the tourism excursion boat at sea with the best views of Santorini

a view looking back at Fira, Santorini from sea

The Best Views not from Caldera

Santorini is not just one side, but an island and when you leave the “views” and take yourself away from the cliffs and the caldera, yes you can still find beauty elsewhere on the island. I found beauty in its black sand beaches of Kamari, the vineyards of Estate Argyros and even its food scene.

vineyards outside of Estate Argyros, Santorini

care for some vino?

a greek salad in santorinithe greek salad, a delicious option in Santorini

sun bathing on the rocks at the black sand beach of Kamari in Santorini, Greece

not everyone uses the lounge chairs

The Views of Santorini from Oia

One town, a must visit at one end of the island is Oia. Whether you go for lunch, shopping or to celebrate the sunset, the views from Oia are some of the classic images you already “know” from Santorini. A must see and enjoy, but will they be your favorite, are they the best views of Santorini?

 the best views of Santorini from Oia

the best views of santorini, the streets of Oia

some color in Santorini

the classic view of Oia, from the best views Santorini

Well, there you have it, a sampling of the photos and moments from Santorini.  Where was my favorite view? Well, I am not sure, but I certainly enjoyed toasting to many of the best views of Santorini.

a little toast to the best views of Santorini from a wine bar in Imerovigli

a toast… cheers to Santorini


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Stay Luxurious, Craig

For more views on the splendor of Santorini, and the best views of Santorini, definitely make sure you visit @stayAdventurous on Instagram and check out the #StaySantorini hashtag.

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  • Maryann

    What a beautiful island and a beautiful area of the world. The scenery, the weather, the food and wine, the Greek people, the relaxed atmosphere, a really wonderful vacation. I’ve visited Santorini twice and would love to vacation there again and again. Your article and pictures bring back so many fond memories.

    • craig zabransky

      I agree, it is just magical place, just gorgeous. … I’ve only been once, but I’d return…. yes, I would stay Santorini again, Craig

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  • Kieu – GQ trippin

    The greek salad with that feta — definitely the best view in Santorini. LOL. I really regret not staying overnight here. We were a part of a cruise. Must. Go. Back.

    • craig zabransky

      in Santorini Greek Salads are al about the capers, slightly different, larger, and my god delicious. Stay Tasting the Best Views, Craig

  • lola

    Man I love Greece and would like to go back soon!! I loved Santorini.

    • craig zabransky

      Woman, I love it too. Stay loving Greece, Craig

  • Francesca

    Yeah, those views don’t suck. I thought I’d be visiting the Greek Islands, possibly including Santorini, later this year, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen after all. One day, though!

    • craig zabransky

      Definitely put it on your list… yeah, those views don’t suck at all… some of the best I’ve enjoyed… Stay Loving the View, Craig

  • The World Wanderer

    As if I wasn’t already dying to get to Santorini…come with me?! 😉

    • craig zabransky

      It is a very special place, no doubt… perhaps we can explore some of the other Cyclades … neighboring Greek Islands. Stay Loving Greece, Craig

  • Traveling Ted

    Santorini could definitely make the next installment of most blogged about places. It does not hold a candle to Chiang Mai, but it is getting there. I can see from these amazing pictures why the place is so enticing.

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