Sunset Sunday-The Santorini Sunset from Imerovigli

There are iconic destinations to watch the sunset. Places across the globe everyone has on their bucket list and wants to visit. Santorini, Travel and Leisure magazine’s top island destination for 2014, is one of those desirables.

On Santorini, I made special notice of where I’d be watching the sunset each day. You’ll find big crowds in Oia and Fira, but Nick, the manager and owner of Langas Villas (where I stayed), told me the best view was right here in the town of Imerovigli. Also mentioned in Frommers, this lesser-known town atop the whitewashed Santorini cliffs was the perfect place to capture a breathtaking Sunset over the Caldera.

Santorini Sunset from Imerovigli

The sunset view from my villa patio.

Nick was right.  I didn’t need to go anywhere.

With a clear view of the Caldera from the patio on my villa, I spent most evenings in Santorini watching the famous Santorini sunset from my room drinking local white wine.  Although the crowds were lighter, every day a different set of brides, grooms and models (or tourists acting like models) climbed down the stairs at sunset to capture the special moment too.

Santorini Sunset from Imerovigli

One evening I left the patio and decided to take in the sunset from the Langas Villas rooftop. Complete with a pool, the views was even more expansive across the Caldera and more of Santorini’s famous whitewashed cliffs definitely left an impression. Stunning. It may just be perfect for birthday celebrations too. It was for mine. Happy Sunset Sunday.

Sunset Mindset

Sometimes you need to chase down your bucket list sunset destinations. And because of the chase, the journey and than the beauty in all the sunset moments shared on Santorini, the location made the 2015 Sunset Sunday Calendar.

Order the 2015 Sunset Calendar here:
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Stay Luxurious, Craig

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