The Santorini Sunset Selfie from Fira

Santorini is full of beautiful views, beautiful sunsets and yes beautiful people too.  Fira, the main “city” and capital of the island is one of this special places. Here visitors take photos of the views, bucket list sunsets, and also the people which of course in today’s world includes themselves.

sunset watching on the streets of Fira, Santorini

the crowds gather for the sunset

Santorini Sunset Selfie

One evening dining in the main square of Fira I excused myself the dinner table and my family to walk along the cliff side at sunset. I noticed large gatherings of people preparing to watch the sunset spilled into the many side streets as most restaurants were packed to capacity for the daily event and celebration.  I needed to locate a spot since I normally watched the sunset from Imerovigli.  I eventually positioned myself when I noticed another reaching out to snap the sunset image of herself. A sunset selfie.

a sunset selfie, with a selfie stick in Fira, Santorini, Greece

taking the sunset selfie in Fira, Santorini

I just smiled.

Many beautiful views of Santorini exist, but part of the splendor of Santorini is you being there. Whether this became her favorite or her best sunset of Santorini, only she knows. But I am sure she cherished it, just like I did and all the ones I was fortunate to witness while there. Happy Sunset Sunday.
Stay adventurous, Craig

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