Vikki Nicolai La Crosse Shares 6 Of The Best Environmentally Friendly Cruises

If you’re looking for a relaxing and environmentally friendly vacation, look no further than a cruise. Cruises offer the perfect mix of sun, sand, and relaxation while helping preserve our planet. In this article, Vikki Nicolai La Crosse explores some of the best cruises for eco-conscious travelers.

So please sit back, relax, and explore some of the best cruises.

cocktail on a cruise ship

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is committed to operating in an eco-friendly manner and has been recognized as a leader in the cruise industry for its efforts to reduce its environmental impact. The company has implemented several initiatives to reduce its use of water and energy and waste output. For example, Celebrity Cruises has installed state-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems that minimize the discharge of pollutants into the ocean. The company also uses energy-efficient lighting and appliances and sources its electricity from renewable sources. In addition, Celebrity Cruises recycles or composts a large percentage of its waste and offers guests the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions from the cruise. As a result of these efforts, Celebrity Cruises is widely considered one of the most eco-friendly cruise lines in the world.

Viking Cruises

Viking Cruise Ship docked in NYC

Viking Star Docked in NYC

Taking a trip to sail on Viking Cruises you can be relaxed as the line is committed to protecting the environment. They know that cruises can significantly impact the planet, and they want to do their part to ensure that their ships are as eco-friendly as possible. They have invested in cutting-edge technology that reduces emissions and conserves energy. They have also implemented several sustainability initiatives, such as using recycled materials wherever possible and working with local communities to protect vulnerable ecosystems. As a result of their efforts, Viking Cruises has been named one of the world’s leading cruise companies in being eco-friendly. They are proud to be setting the standard for responsible cruising, and they will continue to look for ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Disney Cruise Line

Regarding eco-friendly travel options, few cruise lines can match the commitment of Disney Cruise Line. Vikki Nicolai La Crosse says the company has instituted several initiatives designed to reduce its environmental impact, including the use of advanced wastewater treatment systems, a ban on single-use plastic straws, and a fleet-wide switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products. In addition, Disney Cruise Line has made a significant investment in renewable energy, with plans to install solar panels on all four of its ships. As a result of these efforts, Disney Cruise Line was recently named the most eco-friendly cruise line by Friends of the Earth. Disney Cruise Line is the clear choice for travelers looking to enjoy a guilt-free vacation.

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas from the Eye

Royal Caribbean International is one of the world’s leading cruise lines and one of the most eco-friendly. The company is committed to protecting the environment and has implemented several initiatives to reduce its impact on the planet. For example, Royal Caribbean has installed solar panels on several of its ships and is working to increase the use of recycled materials throughout its fleet. In addition, the company has invested in a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system that helps keep discharge clean and environmentally safe. Royal Caribbean is also working to reduce its emissions and has already achieved significant reductions in fuel consumption. As a result of these efforts, Royal Caribbean International is an excellent choice for travelers who want to minimize their environmental impact.

Costa Cruises

As one of the world’s most significant cruise lines, Costa Cruises is committed to protecting the environment. The company has implemented several eco-friendly initiatives, including a ban on single-use plastics, a food waste reduction program, and the use of low-emissions fuels. In addition, Costa Cruises has invested in research and development to reduce its environmental impact further. For example, the company is working on new technologies to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. As a result of these efforts, Costa Cruises is an eco-friendly option for travelers who want to minimize their environmental impact.


an Artic glacier to be explore via a cruise - alaska

An Arctic Glacier

Founded in 1893, Hurtigruten is the world’s most extensive cruise line specializing in Arctic and Antarctic voyages. As a company, Hurtigruten has always been committed to sustainable tourism and protecting the delicate ecosystems of the polar regions. In recent years, Hurtigruten has made several eco-friendly initiatives, such as switching to cleaner-burning fuels, eliminating single-use plastics on board ships, and investing in renewable energy projects. These efforts have helped reduce the company’s carbon footprint by over 50%. In addition, Hurtigruten offers several educational programs and excursions focused on environmental preservation. For example, passengers can participate in beach cleanups, learn about local wildlife, and even visit research stations devoted to studying climate change. By choosing Hurtigruten for your next cruise, you can be confident that you are supporting an eco-friendly company working to protect the planet.

Final Thoughts

Several cruise lines offer eco-friendly options for travelers. These include Viking Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises, and Hurtigruten. Each cruise line has implemented initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as investing in renewable energy, recycling waste, and using cleaner-burning fuels. They may not have the excursions and mission Fathom Cruise Line once did, but they are making a difference and setting new standards for the industry. And as a result, they are all excellent choices for travelers who want to cruise and also minimize their impact on the planet.



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