The Sunset Bridge of Historic Banning Mills

After the day of adventure riding eco-spider ATVs, a gentle kayak on the lake, and then dinning at the main lodge, I walked back over the bridge to retire to the tree house for the evening. On my walk,  I paused to take in the view of Historic Banning Mills at sunset.

Eco Spider ATV adventure at Historic Banning Mills in Georgia

gearing up for the ATV adventure; photo provided by Historic Banning Mills

I settled in atop this gorge, a recommended location, to appreciate the expansive views of the sky, forest, and historic land to watch day turn to night at sunset. I know I wouldn’t see the sun set behind the mountains nor notice when it officially dipped below the horizon, but I knew the golden hour of light was upon me and the lights and the colors would begin to illuminate the sky. I knew the moment would enhance the beauty of this landscape.

The next day, I’d be flying across this gorge on some of the cables that make up the Guiness World Records longest zip line course, but tonight it was a moment to appreciate the beauty of this forest by itself without any adrenaline rush. To be present in this historic place.

sunset from historic banning mills in georgia, USA

See the tower in the back? that’s a zip-line tower :-)

I stood there a few minutes attempting to figure the best angle while waiting for the right colors. I couldn’t seem to capture it perfectly. After a breath, I decided let go of perfection (not always easy for me) and retired to meditating in the moment. I focused on appreciation of the here and now, the long history of this region and the protection this forest majesty has thanks to its caretakers. I was thankful for the opportunity to be here and experience this place with my family.

sunset at historic banning mills from the bridge

How did I do with this capture?

This Georgia sunset, perhaps not the idyllic sunset as one of my hometown Islamorada, Florida Keys sunsets (where I am spoiled) remains special nonetheless. It was a moment to cherish in a place filled both adventure and nature. A special place indeed.

Happy Sunset Sunday, Craig

Special thanks to Historic Banning Mills for hosting my staff, although please know all the words, thoughts, and opinions are uniquely my own.

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