Product Review: Making Drinkable Water with the H2gO Purifier

Originally designed for military use, the cost effective H2gO Purifier enables everyday people the opportunity to make water drinkable simply and safely with just salt.  Whether on a long multi-day hike through the Appalachian Trail or perhaps traveling through the developing world the ability to disinfect water effectively and at a low cost with a product that fits in your pocket offers definite benefits.

What I like about the Product

All the included items in the H2gO Purifier

All the included items

This small hand held device, complete with testing kit and other extras (charging cords, mixing bottle)  can easily be all packed up in a simple provided mesh bag (provided). Plus, with the lightweight device itself able to fit in your pocket and the four grams will not tip any scales packed in any luggage.

Also, a simple charge of the battery lasts for 75 gallons of water, enough to provide a family drinking water for an entire week. Staying two weeks, no problem since charging the device is simple too. It comes with USB, 110 or 220 options, but also contains a solar panel to use when electricity may not be available. And with an expectation of 500 charges, one H2gO Purifier can last up to ten years and purify over 24,000 gallons of water.

What else I like about the Product

All you need is salt. Add the salt to a little water, drip the solution into device chamber and then press the button to create an electrical charge that will make a chlorine based solution designed to disinfect your water source. And with two small salt storage chambers on the device (I already sprinkled in some salt to ensure I will have salt on hand) it is always ready “2-go.”

watching the solution bubble on the H2gO purifier. It means its ready to purfy your water source.

The bubbles mean the chemical reaction is taking place… when the bubbles stops the solution is ready to use

Plus, let me also suggest to put a few packets of salt inside any first aid kit too. This device is definitely something to take with you in certain emergency situations where you’d also bring a first aid kit.

What else to know about the product

The product is not a water filter, but rather a disinfectant aimed to remove bacteria and viruses from the water. It does not remove harmful metals, etc., the created chlorine chemical solution serves as a disinfectant. And chlorine is the chemical recommended by multiple world health organizations on what to use to purify water a water source. But do be careful, you definitely do not want this solution touch your skin, eyes, or drink it straight.

selecting the amount of water on the h2gO Purifier

select the amount of water you plan to purify; I selected 1 liter

Remember these “charged” drops are designed to dilute and dissipate in your targeted water source over a period of time. Drinking is only recommended after time (30 minutes for the 1 liter) has passed.  The device also offers a volume control to allow a higher potency for bigger volumes of water.

What I love about it

The H2gO Purifier serves as a “peace of mind” device for me living in a hurricane zone. Catastrophic weather can and does easily disrupt safe and usable water supplies. After Hurricane Irma devastated  the Florida Keys potable water was unavailable as the tap water needed to be boiled (or treated) to use for consumption, cooking or even cleaning for many days after the storm. Such a device would be useful to have on hand.

How to Order your H2gO Purifier

the h2gO Purifier

the package, the H2gO Purifier Global

Visit the AQUA Research website. You can order the H2gO Purifier here for $99.

Stay Adventurous, Craig

Special thanks to my friends at Deep Creek PR for facilitating my opportunity to receive this product for my product review. As always in my reviews the words and opinions are my own.

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