Sunset Sunday-Dreams Riviera Cancun

I pulled a cerveza from the in-room fridge and made my way down to the beach during the golden hour. I love putting my toes in the sand at sunset even if on the east coast of Mexico in the Riviera Maya. Sure, I might not see the sun itself dip below the horizon, but the sky illuminates with brilliant colors and the moment always provides a chance pause where the sea meets the land.

Sunset of the Pavilion at Dreams Riviera Cancun in the Riviera Maya of Mexico

looking back to the west and the resort

On my stroll along the sand, I noticed a soccer net and a ball (part of entertainment and activities of the resort ) and as a fan of the game and the World Cup I started kicking it around. I enjoyed imagining scenarios of scoring key goals and found myself wishing I could return to watch the World Cup at Dreams Riviera Cancun.

Today, a month later, with Mexico and the US team advanced to the knock out stage I am sure the resort will be celebrating in style as planned. I’ll be there via twitter probably, but more importantly, let’s hope the sun does not set on Mexico or the US anytime soon. Happy Sunset Sunday.

stay adventurous, Craig

On my recent trip to Mexico, I was a guest of the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa.



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  • Bill

    Great photos –wish i’d been able to get to that coast this trip–you sure make me want to be there

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Bill, I really enjoyed my recent adventure to the Mexican Caribbean… there will be plenty of more posts in the next month to further entice you on for your next visit to Mexico… stay crossing the border, Craig

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