Is Visiting Lakeshore Beaches in Autumn Really Visiting the Beach? – A Trip to Glimmerglass State Park

Growing up, going to the beach basically meant heading to the ocean. Saltwater and waves.

the beach at glimmerglass state park in the catskills of new york

It also meant warm weather – summer.

Lakes and rivers (freshwater) or even a waveless ocean beach (except for an idyllic beach like the Gili Islands or Half Moon Cay) were not beaches. Neither was a visit in the fall or when it wasn’t warm. Well it wasn’t to me. Not yet.

Through the years I’ve discovered lakeshore beaches and the fact beaches are more than just warm weather holidays. I’ll admit my definition of the word “beach” is expanding.

Glimmerglass State Park and its Beach

two people lounge at the beachfront in Glimmerglass State Park in Upstate New York

lounging in the Indian Summer Weather

My family holds an annual reunion at Glimmerglass State Park each October. We love New York’s Catskills fall foliage and I’ve always cherished a New York October Sunset. In fact, I put one in my 2014 Sunset Sunday Calendar) (from the Brooklyn Bridge) and a sunset from Glimmerglass State Park also has made the Sunset Sunday Series.

This past year, we shifted our reunion “area” to the pavilion in case of inclement weather (it was freezing last year) and guess what? Yes, it was beautiful and warm, an Indian summer day, but I also discovered a beach.

plenty of birds enjoying the sun at the beach in Glimmerglass State Park in Upstate New York

a few birds loving some beach time.

the glimmer on the lake at Glimmerglass State Park in Upstate in New York

the glimmer on the lake reflects like glass... the name makes sense

What is your definition of beach? Do lakes count? Do beaches like those along the Savannah River count? Can you visit off season in fall or winter? Let me know. I am curious to know your thoughts. Happy Beach Thursday.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Part of the Beach Thursday Winter Series designed to keep us warm all winter.


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  • Maryann

    I grew up living near the ocean it has been the only beach I know. I love the sound of the ocean, the clean air and the beauty of the endless water and sky.