A Sunset Stroll through Colonial Williamsburg

When walking through Colonial Williamsburg and heading towards the setting sun, after passing through the living historic buildings, you’ll find yourself navigating blocks of restaurants, cafes, bars, and also plenty of retail shops. It also serves as a college town for the second oldest higher learning institution in the United States behind Harvard University.

colonial williamsburg walking towards william and mary university outside of colonial williamsburg during a summer sunset

Walking down the main street lined with outside cafes feeling the sunset

Yes, keep following the dipping sun and one enters the campus of the College of William & Mary. Charted in 1693, there is history here too.  But just as I entered, I decided to pause and take in the moment. Upon snapping the image, I wondered if any of our the US Founding Fathers took a moment to pause here too or did they head straight to a tavern at sunset?

I can’t help but imagine, they too must have appreciated the beauty of the day’s golden hour on these streets in the Commonwealth (Colony) of Virginia.

sunset on william and mary cmapus just outside colonial williamsburg

the campus of the College William & Mary at sunset.

Afterwards with the smile every sunset puts on my face, I headed back to town for dinner and a drink. Down the rabbit hole of history awaited me as we all just arrived to town. It was time to experience all the attractions of Colonial Virginia.

Happy Sunset Sunday,



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