Three Adventures I Want to Experience Right Now

The lack of recent travel coupled with the dim prospect of future exotic adventures can depress or discourage any avid traveler. And as I review the 20 adventures on my list for the 2020s, not much as changed on my wish list, but it certainly looks like many of such adventures will need to wait.

Upon my reflection, I realized I am craving some travel experiences.

A Long Haul Flight

new business calss for emirates

Photo via Emirates

I love to fly. I love to fly when it’s a comfortable, cozy experience. And I love to fly far away to exotic destinations.

The anticipation of faraway distant lands ignite my senses The views of the clouds, mountains, and seas from above, and the simple pure amazement of traveling across the globe in just hours are enough to make me smile for weeks. Couple all this with attentive quality service – well, I love flying in style.

Of course, much has changed in the years of air travel, and much of the comfort factor seems lost. Actually, I’ve recently a focused on the only luxurious aspect through obtaining access to travel lounges, but what I really crave now is an entire experience.

So, I’d like to book a flight to a distant land on one of the best, the top award winning airlines. I like to fly Emirates Airlines and finally experience the joys of air travel at its fullest again.

A Balcony at Sea

toasting bacardi en route to santiago de cuba on board the fathom mv adonia at sunset

Cheers to a new adventure

I may have taken dozen cruises in my life and I hope to take another one for sure.  One experience I miss is being out at sea, sitting outside and appreciating the seas from my balcony. Whether in the morning with a coffee or an evening cocktail, there is something special about just being out on the balcony on a sea voyage.

Sometimes it’s the views of glaciers, other times it’s the perfect sunset at sea, but regardless of the where and when, it is the view of the ocean and the sense of traveling the seas that makes me miss taking a cruise.  So once the CDC guidelines are set and cruise ships have the green light, you can expect to see me disembarking from south Florida to somewhere soon, even a cruise to nowhere as long as I have a balcony to enjoy.

Viva Mexico! 

Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca

Like many of us, my passport collected too much dust in 2020, it wants a stamp. And dating back to 2006, when I essentially called Mexico City home, this is my longest streak without visiting Mexico. It’s been more than a year, and frankly, I don’t even want to calculate it. My last trip was to Oaxaca for Dia de Los Muertos in 2019. Yikes.

I am beyond ready to return, and access is available. In fact, I’ll need to add a new podcast adventure in the spring, and a new destination inside Mexico always makes a perfect episode.  My affair with Mexico can’t survive this long distance relationship too much longer, I need to book a trip south of the border. Yes, I mean “Si,” It is time for me to book a return to Mexico, hopefully for some Mexican March Madness.

What’s Next?

Well, my Florida Keys home is quite nice this time of year, so it slows me down some. But come spring, I know I’ll be looking forward to one of these adventures if not all three.  But until, I start booking I’ll continue to stay adventurous in my mind and travel through senses, travel through wine (as you can join me with a virtual European wine tasting), and appreciate the past Gifts from Road.

Stay adventurous, Craig

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  • william b kaliher

    I’d take 2 and 3 in a second— you make me dream and you do it–

    • craig zabransky

      hey 2 out of three ain’t bad at all….stay making your dreams your reality my friend, Craig