Love For Virginia Wine -the James Charles Winery Sunset Sunday

Virginia is for lovers and there is much to love about its wine regions.  Never does one of my north-south drives for the Christmas time holidays or summer happen without a stop a local winery or vineyard along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Nor should one.

james charles winery in winchester, virginia at sunset with fireplace

Sunset Tasting with Fireplace

This past road trip, after happily exiting the Pennsylvania lock-downs, we crossed the border and planned to spend an evening in Winchester, Virginia. Restaurants and wineries were open (at limited capacity), and after weeks where it was shelter in place policy and (also sip wine in place) we were all excited to be outside enjoying ourselves again.

Our arrival coincided with the early evening sunset and we found our way to James Charles Winery and Vineyard  for an evening tasting. Our reservations gave us an outside table where the air was cool, but the smell of the fireplace provided the atmosphere as the blaze helped warm us up before the wine tastings could.  Then with the wines on the table and the from their menu arriving for pairing bites, we all marveled at the magic before our eyes.

sunset tasting at james charles vienyard and winery in winchester, virginia

carry your tasting off to the sunset

Virginia is for lovers indeed, lovers of wine, lovers of a good fireplace and lovers of the sunset.

Stay loving this Valentine’s Day,  Craig


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  • Maggie Mistal

    That is one stunning sunset Craig and paired with wine – wow! So glad you were able to witness something so amazing. Love your photos – they really show the beauty of the moment.

    • craig zabransky

      sure, was…. thanks, and the beauty of this moment was not just the sunset, the wine, or the fact Virginia was open …. but it was the opportunity to spend it with loved ones too….. stay beautiful, Craig