Let Me Inspire Your Travel Mojo and Send You a Postcard

Mail seems less and less important these days besides unless it’s a package from Amazon. Receiving personal letters are largely a thing of the past sadly, and it’s been that way for years. Of course we still receive solicitations and bills, but many of those have gone electronic too.  Getting the mail isn’t an exciting task for most of us anymore.

Yet, occasionally, we can receive the smallest bit of mail that puts the biggest smile on our faces. We receive a travel postcard.

my Love for Sending Postcards

When traveling, I always make the effort to send postcards. The idea was born on my post collegiate cross-country road trip when we would send a thank you postcard to friends and family that hosted us from our next destination. My friend and I also mailed plenty to others to let them others know we were not just surviving, but thriving, while attempting to understand more of the American Experience.  We traveled with an address book to make it easy to send plenty of postcards.

writing postcards on travels to Mexico

Writing Postcards (and Journaling) from Playa del Carmen Mexico

Through the years, I have kept the tradition alive writing and mailing plenty of postcards from many of my global adventures to people all over the world.  Today, I still keep a list of addresses in the back of my travel journals to allow me to also write a few postcards when sitting down to pen my thoughts in a journal.  I am always happy to send one or five or more.

my Postcard Collection

In addition, I also ask everyone who is traveling to send me a postcard too. I realize this is a challenge, and many people take to their holidays with the best intentions, but postcard sending is not always so simple. Purchasing postage stamps and finding local post offices is not always an easy task. Yet, I am happy to report I have received hundreds of postcards through the years and even made multiple collages of my collection for the entrance hallway of my New York City apartment at one point.

postcard collage in new york city apartment

one of 3 postcard collages I created in New York

I am so thankful for all the messages received from so many friends, family, and fellow adventurers from all over the world. They continue to serve as the fuel for my future adventures and as inspiration to travel to so many incredible in this world.

my Postcard promise

I’ve been guilty of slowing mailing postcards in recent years. Yet the purchase of postcards themselves has not slowed at all.  Long story short, I have extra postcards from all over world. All blank. All needing a home. And what I’ve decided to do is to send them out to those wanting to travel.  So let me send you (or someone you care about) a postcard.

do you want a postcard?

Want a postcard? I placed out some of the postcards I can send. Pick one.

We can’t (and will not) stay inside forever but until these covid clouds dissipate and sunny (friendlier) skies reappear let this postcard serve as a reminder to you about the love for travel. Let this postcard showcase the beauty found all over this world, let it serve as inspiration to travel once again when restrictions ease, and let it serve as a way to simply put a smile on your (or someone’s) face.

So who wants a postcard?

Interested? I thought you might be…so then privately forward an address via email from my contact page, message me on twitter, instagram or facebook and give me an address from anywhere in this word.  Ill provide the inspiring mail, I”ll send you a postcard.

Stay Traveling, Craig

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