It’s Not Just Stay Home, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe – It’s Stay Adventurous too

Using “stay this” or “#staythat” has been my trademark for years. I haven’t only used it with adventurous, or even luxurious, but as a hashtag for my emotions, for the many destinations I’ve been fortunate to visit,  and to describe lessons (to be) learned on my life journey.  Now in our current world, people, corporations and governments are certainly using stay a lot. From stay home, stay healthy and stay safe, these new mantras have been promoted to allows us to take action (or not to take action) in today’s  storm.

sunrise from my balcony suite on board the Viking Star on the Atlantic Ocean

a lovely sunrise at sea….a new dawn awaits for all of us after this storm passes.

Of course, I am on board with it. No approval really needed, but people usually do ask me (often via twitter) as such new marketing campaigns with “StaySomething” start if they consulted me. Ha. Always done in jest, we tend to have a little fun and a good laugh about it.   But as we all know these current efforts are no joking matter.

The world changes, and for me none more than it did on Sept 11th before this, but with all things, both the good and the bad… this too shall pass. Plus as with every challenge, big or small, we can learn from it. We can all create a better place. The “Stay Adventurous”” the mindset for travel; the mindset for life  is where I turn for answers.

I am not saying I am not changing my actions or my travel plans (I have done both) or perhaps even considering services such as added security perhaps adding Vivint pricing ,  but I am saying I am not changing my mindset. The very lessons available in the world of travel are available to us looking inside ourselves at this time of social distancing. There are many ways up our mountain of life.

So in an effort to keep adventure at heart,  I also made a list of all the “stay” hashtags I’ll be sharing for the next 30 plus days on my personal Facebook page. The goal, simple, to remind us all to keep our mindset healthy.  I know it will help me, I hope it also helps you too.

  1. Stay Smiling
  2. Stay In Love
  3. Stay Forgiving & For Giving
  4. Stay Listening To Your Heart
  5. Stay Happy
  6. Stay Listening To Music
  7. Stay Eating Healthy
  8. Stay Exercising
  9. Stay Thankful
  10. Stay Laughing
  11. Stay Appreciative
  12. Stay Curious
  13. Stay Celebrating
  14. Stay Supportive
  15. Stay Learning
  16. Stay Grateful
  17. Stay Hopeful
  18. Stay Connected
  19. Stay Going Outside
  20. Stay Traveling Inward
  21. Stay Praying
  22. Stay Positive
  23. Stay Considerate
  24. Stay Passionate
  25. Stay Fun
  26. Stay Understanding
  27. Stay One with Nature
  28. Stay Writing
  29. Stay Sexy
  30. Stay Adventurous
  31. Stay Patient
  32. Stay Believing
  33. Stay Kind
  34. Stay Creative
  35. Stay Gracious
  36. Stay Bold
  37. Stay Beautiful
  38. Stay Fearless
  39. Stay Generous
  40. Stay Joyful

Feel free to add others in the comment below or on my personal Facebook page too. Hopefully you’ll see others chiming in too. Love to you all.

nest key florida keys part of the everglades national park

stay physically distancing – check.

Stay Helpful, Craig

Thanks to comments, facebook and twitter I’ve made additions to the original list… and added more “Stays;” patient, believing, kind, creative, joyful, and more.



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  • Maryann

    I would like to add stay patient to your list. With all the new technology today, we are losing our ability to tolerate delays, and problems without becoming anxious. This will pass. Stay believing.

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks, I’ll add both those…. stay patient and also stay believing….. thanks for staying on board with stay adventurous, Craig

  • Maggie Mistal

    Love your ways to stay adventurous Craig! In particular I appreciate #22 stay positive, and #24 stay passionate. I might also add stay motivated. Great photos by the way – beautiful and inspiring!

    • craig zabransky

      I like it… stay motivated can be a challenge on any day let alone these days… thanks for being a motivation for so many to stay positive and pursue one’s passion, Stay grateful, Craig

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