Product Review: Stay Healthy and More with the Copper H2O Water Bottle

Using a water bottle is essentially a no-brainer today if we care about the environment. It enables us to eliminate the need for single use plastic water bottles. Plus, if using a water filtration or purification system at home (I personally use a Berkey) it allows us to carry fresh, clean, good tasting water with us wherever we go.  I’ve used one for years at home and also when I travel too.

staying adventurous with the copper h2o water bottle in the Florida Keys

enjoying the water bottle at sea

Recently I received a Copper H2O Water Bottle to sample and since the first day after I cleaned it and filled it up to use, it’s become my go to water bottle. Here is why.

What I like about product

Its design. The hand crafted artisan CopperH2o water bottle, allows three options on the copper finish and two sizes to choose from. So yes, there is even options to consider when selecting your copper water bottle. I selected a smooth brushed finish, more aesthetically pleasing for me, but the product definitely seems to favor it’s the hammered finish from its marketing materials.

Either way, definitely opt for 900ml, you will certainly enjoy drinking the water and apparently it can stay for some time and remain fresh, not that I don’t drink at least a liter of water per day.

the 900ml brushed copper h2o water bottle

my selection, the 900ml brushed copper

What else I like about the Copper h2o Water Bottle  

It stays cold. Originally introduced to “copper” cup drinking when discovering the Moscow mule cocktail  on my trip through Harrisburg, PA (one of the surprising US capitals – listen to my Harrisburg podcast here). Since then, I became curious about drinking in copper. The copper cup filled with ice stayed so, so cold. It was constantly refreshing on every sip.

So here in the hot sub-tropical climate of the Florida Keys, it certainly helps when I like a cold refreshing water. Which some days, I do.

What else to know about the product

showing casing the fragile nature of any water bottle

my first ding… adds character

It is not a typical water bottle, completely copper it does seem to rub when opening and closing, causing a slight friction, but have no fear it closes completely and shall not spill or leak if closed properly. Additionally, it is semi-fragile, a simple drop onto tile from a table may cause a slight dent. That’s ok too. It adds character.

And that initial shine and beauty may fade too.  But don’t worry about it that’s normal, and as an owner just take the proper precaution when cleaning, such as no high heat (so no dish washer) and more.  To learn how to clean and care for the water bottle, Copper H20 offers a complete copper cleaning guide.  It is not strenuous either, so don’t worry.

What I love about it

taking a sip by the sea out of my copper h20 water bottle

staying healthy getting some vitamin sea

The health benefits are astronomical. Really they are off the charts.

Copper glasses, cups have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia and offer tremendous health benefits. Such potential benefits may include; improving digestion, supporting weight loss, regulating blood pressure, preventing aging and cancer, supporting the thyroid, stimulating the brain and more. Yes, more. The site offers a complete list of these potential benefits on the Copper H20 homepage (scroll down).

Also, and perhaps most important these days, it is an immune booster and an anti-bacterial substance. The site recently drafted how copper can assist our health in today’s covid-19 world.  Win-win.

Well, the style, the coolness of copper and the massive potential health benefits clearly made this my new now go to water bottle.  Currently the cost starts at just $34.50 for the 600ml bottle.  Plus, with each purchase the company donates 15% of its profits to other non-profits under its good karma policy too. Did I say win-win.

Stay Healthy, Craig

Disclaimer: To write this review I did receive a water bottle to use and photograph. This is no away influenced my opinions on the product. As per normal, the words opinions are my own.

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