Catching the Sunset at Burritt on the Mountain in Huntsville, Alabama

When chasing a sunset on my inland travels, I look to locate higher ground. The goal, simple, to catch the sunset colors and its golden hour across a vast landscape. Often a mountain top is the perfect place and in Huntsville, Alabama I found such  a location and experienced a sunset at Burritt on the Mountain.

Adjacent to the state park and Monte Sano Mountain (translating to good health) this open air museum complete with historic houses offers a perfect place to toast a sunset.  The museum itself with a mission to preserve the past and a purpose to educate the public also offers the chance to enjoy a daytime the view of Huntsville below. Yet, in summer, the sun dips below the horizon well beyond the museum operating hours.

sunset at Burritt on the Mountain in Huntsville, Alabama

Appreciating the Sunset Burst from Burritt on the Mountain

However, on Wednesdays from April thru October, the community (along with visitors) gather for Cocktails at the View.  The 3,000 square foot terrace offers a chance to mingle over cocktails, appreciate the “elevated view” and also take in an Alabama sunset.

Unfortunately my visit did not coincide with a Wednesday evening, but it didn’t stop me from traveling up the mountain road for a peek of the view at sunset. Upon arrival I discovered a wedding in progress  (maybe that’s why the road was open?), but with the couple and guests already inside at the reception I walked briskly to the edge to capture the moment.  Sadly all I saw were empty seats and wondered if  anyone else was appreciating the starburst of a sunset?

sunset photos at Burritt on the Mountain in Huntsville, Alabama

In the distance the couple are about to pose for sunset photos

Then when walking back, I noticed the bride and groom heading out to take their own sunset images at the overlook. I smiled and appreciated the fact they came out to experience the sunset on their special day. Good call, they’ll appreciate those images in their photo album.

I quietly wished them well (from a distance not to disturb) and made my way back down the mountain to the local Campus 805 for a belated sunset toast with a local craft beer. Apparently my sunset toast this evening was not just for the sunset magic atop Burritt on the Mountain itself, but also to wish a new couple years of happiness. Happy, happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay Adventurous, Craig

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