The Most Efficient Way to Get from Prague to Vienna

It goes without saying that traveling from Prague to Vienna stands among the most popular travel routes in Central Europe and not without a reason. These gorgeous cities simply mesmerize with their centuries-old history and a myriad of amazing attractions to discover. But what is the most comfortable and efficient means of transport connecting these charming European capitals? Let’s consider all possible options.

The distance between Prague and Vienna is only about 330 km. Set in the very heart of Europe, Prague boasts a very convenient location, close to several other outstanding cities, including Vienna. The transportation connection between the capitals is very developed, so you can choose among variable options, going by buses, trains, cars or even take a plane.

Craig Zabransky Staying Adventurous on Charles Bridge Prague, Czech Republic

Walking across Charles Bridge in Prague


300 KM by Plane, Really?

A plane is, indeed, the least demanded alternative for such kind of travel. Well, yes, it is much faster than a train or bus, making the way from Prague to Vienna a matter of only 50 minutes, but there are several reasons why it is not popular among travelers. Firstly, flight expenses significantly exceed the ones needed for other ways of transportation. Secondly, we bet you don’t desire to spend your precious vacation time, driving to the airport and waiting for your flight, which, by the way, can be delayed sometimes, do you?


The Most Popular Transport

The most budgetary way to get from Prague to Vienna and reverse is a bus. As a rule, it departs from the Florens station in Prague and arrives at the Stadion station in Vienna. The price usually varies from 20 to 30 euros per ticket. Moreover, you can save some money, buying your tickets far in advance on the Internet or in both directions at once. But don’t forget to print or download them to show the tickets from the mobile screen while boarding.

The only thing is that the majority of buses cover the way with several additional stops in Brno and Vienna airport. As a result, the journey from point to point will take about 5 hours.

The Most Worry-Free Way To Go

If you are thinking of the transport that combines both, speed and comfort, and which is not devastating for your pocket, choose going by train. You can hop on a Prague to Vienna train any time of the day or night, as there are around 7 daily departures. Today the most modern train on the distance is Railjet, that covers 330 km in about 4 hours.

railjet, a high speed train trasportation from Vienna to Prague

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA The Railjet is a high speed train of the Austria.

An undeniable advantage of a train journey is that you travel in absolute comfort, having such onboard facilities as cozy seats with enough space, WiFi, electric sockets, DVD screens and food services. High-speed Railjet even has a kid’s cinema corner for children not to get bored during the trip! So you have a chance to get some rest or even sleep, if it’s an overnight train, or simply enjoy a comfortable trip onboard a modern fully equipped train.

Another great thing about the train ride is the beauty of the surroundings that you have a chance to observe from the panoramic train windows. And now, ask yourself, why to miss the chance to see not only the grandeur of the cities, but also to immerse into the attractiveness of authentic European landscapes?

In addition, the direct trains depart from the city center of Prague and arrive at the central station in Vienna. That means that you don’t have to waste additional time and money as in the case when you need to get to the city center, for instance, from the airport. Imagine that you can start your Vienna city tour just stepping out of the train. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Make it a Road Trip?

If you prefer not to depend on the timetable of buses and trains, and enjoy crafting your trip without any outside help, you are always free to rent a car. Having a car at your disposal means that you are mobile and can easily reach any sight of your choice whenever you want including finding your grandfather’s childhood home.

However, this way of travel between Prague and Vienna is not the cheapest one. It’s natural that the cost depends on the number of days of rent, but on average, the price of a one-day rent will cost you a minimum of 30 euros. Plus, keep in mind that you may need to pay for parking, especially in the city center areas, for sure for car gas, and car insurance. What is more, in case you take the autobahn highways, you’ll have to open your wallet wide for numerous road tolls.

And if you’re planning a day trip from one capital to another and back, say, leave the capital of the Czech Republic early in the morning and return to Austria by the evening, you’ll be most likely tired from all the long hours of driving. So why complicate life when you can sit back and relax as the high-speed train whooshes you from Prague to Vienna?


A view of , a city worth visiting

Summing up, traveling from Prague to Vienna is a real adventure and always a good idea if you are dreaming to get some truly unforgettable memories and experience the Central European classics. Every means of transport described above has certain advantages over others. But, given the number of departures a day, the time spent on the ride, all the conveniences and services, as well as the costs, the most comfortable and smart way to travel from Prague to Vienna is the train. Plus, buying a return ticket in advance will definitely add to your trip efficiency. So have you already made up your mind on your ideal way to go?


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