Episode 24 – Staying Adventurous in the Electric City of Scranton

I recently explored the Electric City; Scranton, Pennsylvania. Perhaps most famous in recent times because of the hit TV series “The Office,” the city holds the nickname from its hey day when it operated an electric trolley system in the 1880s.

the Electric City, Scranton, Lackawanna County, Pennslyvania

Welcome to the Electric City

The city and the entire county of Lackawanna was often a “drive-thru” for me spending time in the Poconos of PA, but that all changed after a conversation at the NY Times Travel Show when I discovered a Houdini Museum existed inside the city. Then I started to learn more – Triple A (NYY) baseball, Steam Town National Historic Site, Lackawanna Coal mining Tour and Museum,  a farm to table restaurant, traveling Broadway Theater, the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Trail, and more, much more.

Johnny Mitchel Statue at Courthouse Square in Scranton, PA

the Johnny Mitchell Statue at Court House Square in Scranton

You’ll hear it all in this month’s episode, so listen in.

Inside the episode I share my observations and get insight and knowledge from local interviews. I sit down and talk with Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz two magicians who perform at the Houdini Museum, Tour and Magic Show,  Julie the PR manager at the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority, and also Sarah an Assistant Director of the Lackawanna Historical Society from my walking tour guide through down town Scranton. Also, as always expect my top travel tips, on the best things to do in Scranton and the staying adventurous mindset moment – a travel takeaway and souvenir from my time in Lackawanna, PA.

Stay listening, Craig

Podcast Notes

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Tourist Attractions in Scranton

Places to Eat in Scranton / Lackawanna County

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