Sunset Sunday – Sunset from the Sands of Sitges, Spain

It is my first time back in Sitges since my travel sabbatical. I always knew I would return here.

From my first trip, I can recall watching (or rather toasting to) Spanish sunsets from a balcony with views of the beach sipping from flutes filled with Catalonian Cava. Then I was celebrating the ending of a near yearlong adventure that began in Costa Rica. This time I plan to toast to the new adventures that await me once I return back from Spain after this seventy-one day European journey.

walking the beaches of Sitges, Spain on the Catalonian Coast at sunset

With nine days planned in the Catalonian coastal town just south of Barcelona, I still decided to head to the beach on my first evening with my camera to capture a sunset from the sands of Sitges. I was not disappointed. The sun doesn’t set over the Mediterranean Sea here; Sitges is on the east coast of Spain. Yet, that hardly took away from the majesty  of the moment.

After walking the beach, I found a lovely bench on the jetty to sit and watch the sunset’s final moments, the afterglow.  I also noticed surfers riding the waves with long boards. Surf too, wow; I’m really going to enjoy Sitges again.

taking a rest on the jetty when walking the beaches of sitges, Catalonia, Spain

take a seat and enjoy the views of Sitges, Spain

Stay Adventurous, Craig

I will be traveling across Spain for the next three weeks; you can follow along the adventure on twitter, instagram, facebook and vine. Make sure you check out hashtags #StaySpain and this week #StaySitges (you’ll find plenty of sunsets from Sitges too)

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