A Tranquil Moment in Time, the Livorno Sunset Sunday

My trip to Livorno, Italy, a spur of the moment decision, became a reality since my boss was insisting I took some holidays. Livorno, located in Tuscany, had always been somewhere that interested me. And the weather in Livorno in October is perfectly warm too (not unlike Sitges, Spain).  Then when I saw an offer to visit for a week, it seemed ideal.

Now I don’t leave my work behind easily; I think many can identify with that. I wake up thinking about it and go to sleep the same. My mother says I work in third and fourth gear never quite reaching fifth. In her analogy, fifth gear is where your thought process aligns with your life and stops being a drain on your resources. I am aware my thoughts can be chaotic and busy, but it makes me good at what I do and to be honest I like it. The downside is I typically feel either buzzing or tired. A few glasses of wine can help calm the chaos but obvious downsides to that in the long-term. I haven’t the patience for yoga or meditation. Then one evening on my holiday, I just wandered down to the waterfront, truth be looking for a better signal on my phone and noticed the sunset.

a calming sunset in Italy

A calming sunset in Livorno, Italy

The silvery and golden reflection on the water caught my attention first, bringing the thought, “sunsets should be red?” I recognized its beauty in an abstract way. The waterfront outline although attractive in its architecture not overly so, it was the almost watercolor effect that held my gaze. Tranquil is the only way I can describe how it made me feel. The constant noise in my head lessened the longer I watched the sun slowly sink. It was a strange feeling, certainly not the ‘fifth gear’ my mom talked about, but rather more like going into neutral. I stayed there until the light completely disappeared, a slow almost dreamlike process for me and one that I realized had enabled a sense of relaxation I have not felt in years.

Now I do not know if I can find that place within myself again, but I am certainly going to try albeit by watching a few more sunsets and sunset Sunday moments. I plan to be making time for myself to encourage and allow me to quiet the noise in my mind, to halt for a time, and side step the hustle and bustle that most days is my life.

Inga Lindstrom is a marketing professional from Gothenburg, Sweden. She works as a freelance digital marketer in her free time and her dream is to do that as her full time business. Inga likes traveling around the world enjoying beautiful beaches and dramatic shorelines.


I always love when a sunset allows someone to a pause and appreciate the moment. Thank you Inga for sharing your Sunset Sunday moment form Livorno, Tuscany, Italy. Happy Sunset Sunday.

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