Grandma Knows Best- Mexican Culinary Knowledge Transfer that Benefits Us All

There was not a better sight at the FMGM conference in Acapulco. Nope. When, I obtained behind-the-scene access at the conference and walked around to watch the chefs prepare dishes in typical organized kitchen chaos, I noticed so many “grandmas” (abuelas) working. The food was destined to be delicious and I can tell you it was. Yet, what else I noticed even made my smile even bigger. Knowledge Transfer.

the grandmas, abuelas, working with the new young Mexican chefs to transfer knowledge and deliver delicious mexican cuisine

working together and preparing the tamale wraps

Tomorrow’s chefs were conversing, smiling, and learning from arguably, Mexico’s best cooks. The goal of the conference was to showcase Mexico’s cuisine, especially since it received UNESCO World Heritage recognition, and it was successful in that, bur the best outputs, besides two days of eating delicious foods (some even my Mexican friends couldn’t name) was the torch was being passed to tomorrow’s chefs.

I believe there is no better way to learn culture than through sampling its cuisine. The history of the ingredients and preparation speaks volumes, and then of course, you smell, touch, taste and talk about the food with friends. It’s simply,  Culture through Cuisine.

So, if there is a recipe you learned from your Grandma, please make sure you share it with others and feel free to share it here too.

Stay adventurous,  Craig

I was a guest at the 1st annual FMGM 2013 (Foro Mundial Gastronomia Mexico ) last October in Acapulco. I hope there is a commitment to continue the conference and continue the important knowledge transfer of Mexican Cuisine to the world. Also, this post is part of the Mexican March Madness Series for 2014.


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